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    Thank You Sister Butterfly#1

    Welcome sister to , thank you for your hard earn contribution

    and lovin support to help keep this community alive , Thank you for becoming a premium member.

    You can click here to verify the length of your subscription, and when it will expire

    Additional Benefits of Premium Membership:

    2. Blogs

    3. Albums ... there's no limit to the number of albums you can make.

    4. Visitor Messaging ... leave visitor messages on any profile you'd like. You can even leave messages for Regular Members. They will be able to read it, but won't be able to respond in the same place ... so you could use it to just say hi to them, welcome, or something like that. You can even leave links (promote your site) in the Visitor Messaging area.

    5. Avatars ... add your own personal avatar to your profile if you'd like.

    6. Edit Profiles ... you should be able to edit your profile in full.

    7. Site Promotion ... Signatures ... you can leave a link to your site, in every post.

    8. Search ... only Premium Members can use our search feature.

    9. Private Messages ... only Premium Members can send / receive private messages.

    10. Who's Online ... only Premium Members can view this page.

    11. Private Premium Member Forums ... only Premium Members have access to this area.

    12. Member to Member Private Chat ... only Premium Members have access to this feature.

    13. Add Your Site to the Destee Network... no reciprocal link needed.

    Again we Thank you community Staff