Thank You Premium Members : Thank You Brother ZeroGravity !!!

Discussion in 'Thank You Premium Members!' started by Destee, Sep 19, 2003.

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    :wave: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ZeroGravity :wave:

    We meet again!!! :) Ohhhhh Boy !!! I am so honored!! Honored to have your wisdom, insight and presence in this community. Truly. You have been here with us, sharing in many of the discussions and it's always a pleasure to read you. I don't know what exactly it is, perhaps Spirit meeting Spirit, but i do feel some very special kinship with you. It could also be that i got issues, not sure, but whatever it is ... i love it!!!! :) I'm so honored that you'd lend yourself to this effort. Not only yourself, but your money too ... and wow ... sooooo much money !!!!! :spin: My oh My oh My !!!! :) Thank you so very much Brother ZeroGravity!!!! I know you've been in the chat room a time or two, but not nearly enough! Our voice chat is not the normal, run of the mill chat room. I'm sure you would love taking part in the many discussions. I know i would love it if you did. Please do, okay? I'm always right here if you need me.

    The next time you come into voice chat, use the USERNAME and PASSWORD i've given you in the Private Message i sent. When you get to the chat login screen, instead of just entering your name, click on MEMBERS LOGIN, and enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD i sent. You will be brought into the room as yourself, with an "M" next to your name. You will be able to send private messages in voice chat. This is just one small thing i can give back to those who are helping our community stay alive.

    Thank You For Going Above and Beyond.