Thank You Premium Members : Thank You Brother Rymjack5 !!!

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    :wave: Haaaaaaaaaaaay Brother Rymjack :wave:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!! :love:

    Wow!!! Oh My!!! Talk about a Brother that emits strong and postive vibes !!! Oh My !!! Sisters Sisters Sisters !!!! I don't know if yall know ... but uuhhhh ra ... this Brother has it going on !!! Call me psychic, whatever!!! Oh My Gosh ... you are so sweet and so sincere !!!! Thank you so much for sharing with me, a part of yourself, your money, your support, your encouraging words, your love (even though you've never said the word love, it didn't need to be said!). You are awesome and i'm sure your Mother is very very very proud of you !!! :) I know i'm proud to have you here with us !!!! There is so much i want you to become involved with if your schedule allows. I don't think you've been into voice chat yet, but you're going to love it !!! Sisters and Brothers from everywhere, coming together to build. If you get the chance ... check it out!!! :)

    I'd like to share a quote from an email that you shared with me. I hope you don't mind, the words were so soothing to my heart, so warm and loving ... sometimes when i'm feeling down and wondering if i've made a life full of mistakes ... it is words like these that pick me back up ...
    You have never been in voice chat yet, i don't believe. But when you do join us, use the USERNAME and PASSWORD i've given you in the Private Message i sent. When you get to the chat login screen, instead of just entering your name, click on MEMBERS LOGIN, and enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD i sent. You will be brought into the room as yourself, with an "M" next to your name. You will be able to send private messages in voice chat. This is just one small thing i can give back to those who are helping our community stay alive.

    Thank You For Going Above and Beyond!