Thank You Premium Members : Thank You Brother $$RICH$$ !!!

Discussion in 'Thank You Premium Members!' started by Destee, Aug 28, 2003.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay $$RICH$$ :wave:

    Thank You So Very Much !!! WoW !!!! We've been together so long and having your support in this effort comes as no surprise to me !!! :love: Thank you so much for always being here, always helping, always showing love to every Member that walks through our doors. You are the one that made it possible for me to be able to address other issues throughout the house, because you stepped up and handled what i think is the most important feature built into the foundation of our house ... love ... you just mix it all in the cement as you form the bricks that make up the walls of our home ... and now ... after all that you've done ... you go another level up and give your hard earned money !!! We all know what folk say about us, that we don't support our own ... but they have not been here ... because that is what we have always done for each other ... and it is what we are continuing to do ... i'm so honored that you think so much of our home that you would go to this extent, to help it remain as vibrant and thriving as it always has been ... wow ... thank you MY $$RICH$$NESSSSSSS !!! :love:


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    it's the heart and love for a sistah a wonderful friend
    that i open my heart too, we have walked many miles together
    and we have face'd everything together like brutha & sistah
    from the start i vow a promise a promise i tend to keep
    this home our community was built so unique and strong so in honors to i contribute to keep us growing and to see a nother milestone , i contribute to show what they say we can't do and that's give back and support our own !
    we have been lable to fall apart but today this transitional move
    show them wrong and how we make a stand to build as we move on .......we talked about family bond , we comfort each other so now we show support given back a piece of the pie
    u gave for everyone to taste and feast on the hard work and many many hours the stress and the ups and downs u put in to see us smile is a GOLDEN jewel and how u took on for years the
    total struggle now i contribute to that struggle and help face it
    head on beside u and to all who read i ask u do the same to help
    bring down the struggle we have face'd and make a contribution
    to what's so worthy all about love and caring let the heart
    speak, DESTEE Mother Queen it was an honor as i back and support this transition.......we have been blessed so why not bless someone else and bigger blessing will come back
    in my heart i know this if it wasn't so i would have told u .
    may the lights burn bright at forever
    it's been a long walk and a long time coming we walked to far
    to turn back and we face many miles ahead and together we will continue side by side and in respect and out of love i ask that everyone make a contribution to a worthy cause to better our struggle and keep our home lights on bright ......I love u destee
    we are in it together time we be heard..............