Thank You Premium Members : Thank You Brother Ifasehun !!!

Discussion in 'Thank You Premium Members!' started by Destee, Sep 29, 2003.

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    :wave: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaay Brother Ifasehun :wave:

    WoW Brother !!! Thank You !!! It is such an honor to have you with us. Your wisdom, knowledge and determination can be seen in every post you make! Your humor too!! :) It is so nice to have you with us. I realize you are a busy man, spending time in many places, which makes me even more appreciative. I am really looking forward to having you join us in voice chat !!! I am very excited about that !! It just has to happen, eventually! Once you come in, it's all over, you're gonna love it !!! :)

    As i write this, i remember you said that i had quoted your site, long before you ever joined us!!! I remember that site, it was so worthy of quoting. It might have been the information shared there that really sparked my desire to know more about African Traditional Religions. You talked about Black folk dressing like other cultures and worshipping like other cultures, mentioning the fact that we may be the only people that do this. That is startling. I hope i've remember properly. Thanks for having the information available to us.

    You have never been in voice chat yet, i don't believe. But when you do join us, use the USERNAME and PASSWORD i've given you in the Private Message i sent. When you get to the chat login screen, instead of just entering your name, click on MEMBERS LOGIN, and enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD i sent. You will be brought into the room as yourself, with an "M" next to your name. You will be able to send private messages in voice chat. This is just one small thing i can give back to those who are helping our community stay alive.

    Thank You For Going Above and Beyond!