Thank You Premium Members : Thank You Brother ClarKint !!!

Discussion in 'Thank You Premium Members!' started by MzBlkAngel, Feb 18, 2005.

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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    :spin: Thank you Thank you!!! :spin:

    Ya came in and just made your-self at home right from the start and we love you!!!

    It is such an honor to have you help support the community financially.

    Your participation in chat is wonderful. Thank you for all that you do in

    helping us maintain the peace in chat.

    :thinking: Sounds like moderator material….

    As always, we are here to help in any way we can ... just let us know!

    As a Premium Member, you can post a link to your site on our forum home page. If you'd like to take advantage of this feature, please post in this thread, Feature Your Link On Forum Home Page, giving us the link you want to promote.

    Also as a Premium Member, you can add a signature to each of your posts, which can also be a link to your own web site. This, and many other Premium Member features can be found in your User Control Panel.

    We also have an Email Discussion List for Premium Members only, that was created to "privately" discuss the issues we face via email. In addition, there are the Private Premium Members Forums, so be sure to share your opinions there as well.

    Premium Members also have "Premium Member" designations in our voice chat, marked by a "PM" next to your name in the chat room. Unfortunately, the voice chat uses a different database than our forums, so it will be necessary for you to send me a private message, letting me know what you'd like your password to be. Once i receive this from you, i will create your username and password and send you a private message back, letting you know it has been created. In addition to giving you "PM" designation in voice chat, this also insures that no one else can enter voice chat using your username. We have great discussions, events, and wonderful times in our voice chat, so we hope you'll join us there too ... perhaps even hosting your own online class, as you are surely welcome!

    These are some of the small things we can do to show our appreciation of your financial support toward this community ... though they do not compare to the generosity you've shown, by following your heart, and helping to keep our community alive. We are honored. Thank you.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here (or anywhere on the forum that is appropriate), and we'll respond as soon as possible.

    I look forward to receiving your voice chat password via private message, and thanks again for being willing to help keep our community alive.

    Thank you again Staff
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    congratulation brutha on becoming a premium member