Thank You Premium Members : Thank You Brother AShadeofGray !!!

Discussion in 'Thank You Premium Members!' started by Destee, Sep 2, 2003.

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    betwixt and between
    :wave: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay A Shade of Gray !!!!! :wave:

    Wow ... :) ... Welcome !!!!!! ... Wow !!!!! :love:

    A Shade of Gray, you registered, then contributed !!! WoW! I've never had anyone do that before! How awesome is that??!!! Someone who hasn't even been here, just joins and contributes their money ... just like that ... has never posted or anything ... just register and go skrate to the cashier! :) ... WOW !!!! ... i'm so honored ... Thank You!!!! ... i'm not sure if you are male or female, but i'm going to give you the male designation 'cause i'm kinda psychic ... :) ... but if i've gotten it wrong, please let me know! WoW ... you have done my heart so much good ... i hope you will begin to participate, share your knowledge with us ... visit our chat rooms ... help yourself to some water ... we use to have koolaid but we've been gett'n all conscious and stuff, and once you find out what they put in koolaid ... it just don't swallow the same ... so we only have water and some fruits, vegetables, and nuts (lots of nuts!) and stuff like that ... :) ... but you are welcome to as much as you'd like ... just make yourself right at home, because you are !!!

    Wow ... Thank You A Shade of Gray !!!!


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    Hi Destee

    your intuition is right on!!

    I have been looking for a forum such as this for some time now. All I see on the forums I read is right-wing racist crap. they talk about mult-culturalism and politics like they have blinders on.

    Thanks for the link back here. I look forward to sharing my views and creativity with all of you.

    now for a drink of some cool water!