Thank You Premium Members : Thank You and Welcome Brother Vin20 !!!

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    Thank You and Welcome Brother Vin20 !!! :love: :wave:

    Thank You for joining us and becoming a Premium Member! Thank You for helping keep our home alive! :bowdown:

    The entire Premium Membership effort was started because the community was dying, and i needed help to keep it alive. I'm just one Sister, and couldn't possibly do this all by myself. This is a true collective effort, in every sense of the term. Many have given over the years, in many ways. Everything counts. But if it were not for all those who help financially, you, we would not be here today.

    In the beginning, there weren't really any extra privileges (to speak of), to give those that financially helped to sustain us. But that didn't keep them from lending their financial support. Of course i was so moved and humbled in my Spirit by their great show of love!

    Isn't that something, Sisters and Brothers helped when they didn't even get anything extra!

    Now that we have a few extra features to give, i'm inclined to give everything to everyone, but i know in my heart, i owe those who help sustain us. I must take full advantage of this opportunity, to give you all ... the Premium Members ... some extra ... for all the extra you give, to keep this community alive for the majority of us! It has been my heart's desire to give you something extra, from the very beginning, and now that God has blessed the community to be able to do that ... i cannot forsake it.

    So ... most all extra features are Premium Member Only!

    This thread is to Thank You for your help, and make sure you know about all the features you now have access to.

    While you are a Premium Member, please take full advantage of everything.

    I've listed most of the additional benefits below, and will be updating as needed.

    #1 Benefit - You help keep this community alive!

    Additional Benefits of Premium Membership:

    2. Blogs

    3. Albums ... there's no limit to the number of albums you can make.

    4. Visitor Messaging ... leave visitor messages on any profile you'd like. You can even leave messages for Regular Members. They will be able to read it, but won't be able to respond in the same place ... so you could use it to just say hi to them, welcome, or something like that. You can even leave links (promote your site) in the Visitor Messaging area.

    5. Avatars ... add your own personal avatar to your profile if you'd like.

    6. Edit Profiles ... you should be able to edit your profile in full.

    7. Site Promotion ... Signatures ... you can leave a link to your site, in every post.

    8. Search ... only Premium Members can use our search feature.

    9. Private Messages ... only Premium Members can send / receive private messages.

    10. Who's Online ... only Premium Members can view this page.

    11. Private Premium Member Forums ... only Premium Members have access to this area.

    The following are not Premium Member Only Features, but i wanted to be sure you are aware of them. First, we have the most loving, encouraging, positive, uplifting, and peaceful online community for Black People in the world! This is the greatest of our features, not easily duplicated, and everyone gets to enjoy it! We also have online classes, which are available to all Members, most every day. These are held in our own voice video chat room, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where all Members are welcome to participate. In addition to classes, we listen to music, tell jokes, share wisdom and knowledge. It's beautiful. I'm looking forward to having you with us. You are also welcome to host your own class!

    Please browse all threads, join us in chat, and get more acquainted with all that we offer.

    You can click here to verify the length of your subscription, and when it will expire.

    Thanks again for your confidence and support in this community, our home. We will not survive if the Family doesn't help. Without your help, we risk the chance of becoming one of the many, Black Web Sites That Have Died. So please know, i am very honored that you'd be moved in your Spirit to go above and beyond, financially helping to keep us alive. Thank you so very much.

    If you have any questions, please post them in this thread, the Help Center, or create a thread on the forum.

    Much Much Love and Peace.


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    :) Thank you and welcome Brother Vin20, your contribution means so much. Make yourself at home. :)
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    Welcome as a premium member and thank you for your warm
    support to the community of