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Jul 12, 2019
Such foolish congressmen couldnt get rid of the dollar unless they purposefully incite a Global criss and systematically destroy the current. Quote on quote suitable social system. Thus humans nows day in America Have to go to everything except within to survive for such things as meat the slaughter houses chemical cleansing of the meat transportation preperation and storage all is revolvant around the hypocritical conceptive system of quote on quote human freedom and balance. With no money for. Exchange for such energy and time spent how would one be motivate to spend. Hours of such time and energy day after day week after week months after month year after year to find that you know not thyself nor knowldge of what is to come once we transcend pass our current state as humans H ere and since theres no actually need for the corporations for such mundane average workers besides manual labor they care not for a propostion for improvments in ones life or for the world they only want Absolute Compliance nothing else.

The proposition to ban the dollar is the beginning of war between the state government. Foreign Banks federal government and Global Private Corporate America. Its not county vs county like they trick us to believe in history or implicit bias propaganda News and media celebrity and paid fake activist freedom fighters "it goes deeper than the stage while the bird sings its freedom from the cage"- Brothaoneluvthacosmic.
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Jan 22, 2001
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I had not heard there were plans to ban the dollar.

Though it does not surprise me with this current administration.

Thanks for sharing!



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