Black Poetry : Testing the Water

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    Testing the Water

    The streets are mandatory after I complete my inventory
    Check monies so I can come correct with honeys tell a story
    About love send shouts out at the club, while the DJ spin
    A tune, place nice and deft and life itself is a big fat grin
    That never end, party don’t stop went to the body shop
    Had my hummer revamped for summer camp wanna look hot
    Took a lot of cash to make this happen did some great rapping
    To have gotten the price I did, candy apple paint job for trapping
    Girls, try be an honest man to lie and steal is a guy unreal yall
    Feel me? speak and flow it onstage like the Greek of the tall
    Heroic age like Zeus a tragic because I produce magic and cause
    The Clash Of The Titans, talk trash I’m fighting keep lips on pause
    Need a drug that relieves pain while I hug and squeeze a dame body
    “Sees flame when having sex now don’t go grabbing the kotex hottie
    With candies in them spotty panties, give it to me Hershey kisses boo
    Like your feet got the type of heat that’ll burn sheets boo girl you
    Sweet, laces are cases of peaches in places like beaches I wanna cake
    Date don’t try escape our fate wanna break your headboards and escape
    Reality, learn by giving lets earn a living after the baby comes we’ll have
    A crazy marriage before the baby carriage even sign a corrupt prenupt grab
    The paper work I feel your coo-chee vapors perk like coffee just an alert
    Softy with red lips my bedspreads will rip if you cum go with me your skirt
    Fit perfect so legit I can’t interpret the stuff I wanna do to you boo so what
    You say today?” “wait hold your horses talk sex with bold voices want it but
    Let me think for a hot minute before you sink a **** up in it you talk fables
    About the beach then give an able speech,wanna stable my peach and cradle
    My bagel and clutter it with butter bits then utter and fit a **** up in it gonna
    Close the shutters on that and I never stutter in chat, boy I think you wanna
    Rub my thighs while you grub on my pies my coo-chee hairs are in juicy pairs
    But you wanna set them ablaze with a lightning **** inviting plots for affairs
    On more dates, I think you want some but please don’t cum on the sheets
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    hot like fire , sound like her desire was like a club wire
    making it to da room for some late night boom bustin grooves
    no time ta lose butter smoove setting da mood under da sheets
    watching how ya skeet knees all weak bout to fall a sleep
    from da treat of da coochee sweet............liquid pour on da floor
    got get more of this hot piece here