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    I Want to Testify

    In this world of ours. We are sometimes plagued by negative, doubtful energies that try to get us down. These same negative energies try to discourage us from our chosen path and way of life. This page is a testimonial page for you to find strength.

    We believe in the Kametic tradition, that Neter (God) is not a cruel Divinity, that sits up in some remote area above the heavens waiting for us to beg for mercy. We believe that Neter blessed us with His presence and provided the Neteru (Angelic, divinities) to assist us in our way of life as we strive to be better and become better spiritual beings.

    This is an inspirational page and all the stories on this page are true. It is a short brief of an upcoming book dedicated to giving praise to the Kametic way of life and those individuals who have assisted in the resurrecting of the Ausarian religion.

    Het Heru Blesses Me With A House
    Heru Khuti Teaches the Truth About Exercising
    Got a testimony how the Neteru or Shepsu changed your life? Give us a ring.

    Het Heru Blessed Me With A Home
    By Rau Khu
    I was going to school out of state and for those of you who don't know, tuition is ridiculous for out-of-state students. It is almost triple the amount of instate students. Anyway, my parent couldn't afford for me to go to school anymore and the only way I could continue to go was to live off campus. But, here was my dilemma with that. I didn't have a car and I didn't know anyone who knew of any one looking for a roommate. The fortunate thing was that I did have a few good friends who were willing to let me sleep on their couch until I got a place.
    Well, I had looked on all the bulletin boards, talked to as many people as I could just to spread the news about getting a house. Then things began looking very dim as the semester had started and I found myself peddling back and forth to my friend's house who was so gracious to let me stay their.
    Finally at my wits end I went and got a reading from a Kametic initiate. I sat there and told them precisely what it was I needed with all my concerns and so on. I told her that I needed an affordable place to stay, that was close to campus because I didn't have a car. That I would prefer the roommate to be a decent person and not someone I have to watch my back with.
    The Metu Neter (Divine Words of God) deck was shuffled and I picked the card and it was Het Heru Hetep. The diviner had told me that I shouldn't worry about getting a place to live but to work with the netter of love and harmony and just imagine the opening the door to my own house while praying and chanting to her. She told me to make a small offering and Het Heru will be on the case.
    So I did that, every night before going to sleep because I was in someone else's house. I would offer Het Heru a sandalwood incense. I placed an orange (one of her favorite foods) and a little honey (that I tasted) next to the sandalwood and told her my concerns. I chanted her hekau (mantras) and just imagined having a key as an ankh and opening a door.
    It wouldn't take long for Het Heru to assist me as it was my first time meditating and using creative visualizations But, Het Heru soon gave me visions of a kitchen, a bedroom and a family room. At the time I didn't know they were signatures of what I was going to get but I continued with my meditations.
    Then one Wednesday, a friend of mines stop by and knocked on the door just out of the blue. He told me that all of sudden he was just thinking about me and remembered I needed a place to stay and that he knew of a person. Later on, he brought the roommate by and he was a cool guy and had agreed we see the landlord.
    After we saw the landlord, I was in a house that Friday. Our rent together was together $500, $250 each which included light and water, very affordable in deed. It was a 1/4 mile from the college campus and all the visions that Het Heru had showed me about the door, the kitchen, family room and bedroom were the same in this house that I lived in. All her signatures were there to let me know that she was on the job. Tua Het Heru.
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    If you have a testimony you would like to share give us a ring. Please keep it no more than 1000 words.
    Y'all know how this goes.

    Heru Khuti Teaches the Truth About Exercising
    By Rau Khu
    I don't know how most of you feel about jury duty but I particular didn't care for it and every time I was called I had a legitimate excuse for not going such as, in school and out of the state or something. But, this one particular time I could not escape it, as I was in my home town on an internship.
    Now I had studied and read all kinds of books about the importance of our people and was trying to make the switch to the Kametic lifestyle because, I saw that a glimpse of what our ancestors were trying to do and attempting to do when they created their society. So I had started eating and becoming conscious of what I did consume. But, I really studied and studied (we call it Sebek-ing) the books a lot but something was missing.
    Well I got a letter from the government the other day, I opened and read it they said... request your presence for jury duty. I said, " Dag, I don't want to go to jury " but couldn't find no way out of it. Well the day I was supposed to go to jury duty, I went to the Metu Neter Oracle (Divine Words of God) and asked what was the reason for me going to jury duty and pulled Heru Khuti Tu Maat/Maat tem Maat.
    I arrived and went through all the necessary stuff you go through to get into court. They had all those requested for jury to sit in this room that was very crowded, while giving us a number. Of course, I was hungry because I was still trying to find a way out of it, all the way to the last minute. There we all stayed waiting for our numbers to be called to see if we would be chosen for any of the cases.
    Well, after an hour of standing they opened up another room and allowed those who wanted to read to enter. That was great as I had tired of standing anyway. So, I went into the room, which was quiet and sat down with my book bag and took out my Metu Neter by Ra Un Nefer Amen.
    I started going over the reading in my head as to why I was here and finally decided that I would meditate on it just to get some insight. Just as I had started chanting Heru Khuti's hekau (mantras) this brother around 30 came in and sat diagonal from where I was sitting. He had a book he was reading called Jewish Mysticism so of course, we had to talk about that.
    We sat and talked about everything we both were reading and literally had a true conversation going on. We were ciphering' for real and were in our own little world about the state, the universe and the universal spirits and all. It was deep a real good conversation.
    Suddenly we were interrupted by a bailiff who had told us we could go to lunch but to be back at a certain time. This brother had invited me to eat with him at the cafeteria his treat and so I did. I got some potatoes, broccoli and all that with no toppings and juice and sat down with this stranger and enjoyed my meal. Then after, I had thanked him for his treat the mood had changed drastically.
    He tells me, he has sees what I am doing and that I am on the right course and he was checking my spirit and my thinking but he puts it straight and says, " Your body SUCK! " I of course, with a quizzical look took offense at first because I thought I was quite cool. Noticing he got me on guard he asks me to guess his age. I telling him 30 or around 32. He tells me I am dead wrong, ten years older. So, amazed he pulls out his driver's license and sure it is 43 years old. So, he has my attention.
    He then proceeds to tell me that I am not exercising and training like I should. That part of being a man especially is being able to defend what is yours. He goes on to say that our ancestors were strong people. Our kings were strong men who went to war right on the side of the warriors. They weren't European kings that controlled the front from their thrones. They were strong men and it shows on all the wall paintings and all. He ends by saying,
    " You don't see any fat, overweight men in our ancient history. So you need to exercise! "
    Amazed he read me like a book and really told me the truth about things he then bragged about himself, telling me how he just beat his 16 year old son in a 100 yd. dash. No sooner had the conversation ended, the bailiff comes in and announces that the court will not need our services but to turn our tickets in so we can get our pay for the day.
    We parted that after that and exchanged numbers. It wasn't until the moment had gone that I realized that he was wearing a dark red/almost burgundy sweater. With blue trousers. I knew the court was a Maat signification but the omens of Heru Khuti are dark red and Maat blue. But after that day when I called him later he didn't remember me after that day. It was a one time thing and Heru Khuti had chosen to speak through him to me. Since then I have been exercising and really see the value of it. It has also improved my diet for real. Tua-u Heru Khuti-Maat
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    Wherever you are, thanks for sharing. This testimony has been an important moment on my path.
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