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    Intro: " It is Heru as He rises with two heads, one for Righteousness and Truth, the other for Wickedness...
    -Book of Coming Forth by Day

    Verse1: In The Name of Heru, He whose eye is red and blue, The Overthrower, Horror Lord of Terror, He Who is Great of Flame, unto enemies without pity it's time for me to bring pain, leave trails of bloodstains, Samhain, Slaughter, Holocaust, Reign Terror in Thy Holy Name! Love thy enemy never! Melte'm, leave'm cheesy cheddar, Vengeful Thesis, ripp'em in pieces, choppe'm up like ******' shreddar, Helter Skelter, I'm that Wicked Fella that ya dread, ya head I decapitate, face ya fate, no escape, too late to run for shelter. Yes, I'm coming ot harm ya, unibomb ya, **** a Richard Butler, Buck ya mother, Voodoo David Duke, rip a neo-nazi clean or sloppy ****** A-Town Stomp ya! Drop bombs on racist whiteman like Afghanistan, blow **** up like Taliban, go Kamikaze on a neo-nazi make a klanman meet the Sandman.

    Hook(x2) See I Worship Terrorism, Without Mercy for adversary Unforgiven,
    See I Worship Terrorism, Heed my Message Negro, Latino, Asian, Hatian, Ghetto Children.

    Verse2: See I Worship Terrorism, Without Mercy for adversary Unforgiven, as the world keeps turnin, ya soul keeps burnin' for all time, confined within a Pyramidal Prism. Offer you as a Sacrifice, I'm nothin' nice, so Precise, like a laser beam destroy ya dreams, attack with a gun or a knife, pill ya cap back, slice and dice, take ya like, chop ya head like a guillotine. Silly rabbit Ima let you have it save them trix you silly *****, leave ya burnin' from a crucifix, six double six, leave ya hangin' upside down from a tree with slit wrist, Automatic, Psychopathic, Scandalous Terrorist, when I bring this Wickedness upon a white supremacist, Unleash my Rage, this War I Wage is Declared in Righteousness! My Soul is from the East I am The Great Beast, my Vengeance is Justified, In the Name of Heru, may the Tribe of Zulu, Khemu, Olmec, Maya, Toltec, Azteca, Inca, Nat Turner, Montezuma, Osceola, Mandinka, Warrior Samurai be Deified!

    Hook (x2)

    Verse3: Pick up our weapons and Fight! It's time to Unite, all my Locs and Folks, Damu's and Peeps, and the SHARPS, with No love, leave trails of blood, tiger sharp, attack like a shark in the dark. Anyone, anybody, Loddy Doddi, see a neo-nazi, Premeditation without hesitation, insert a **** into his body. Crack! Upside they head with a baseball bat, sticks and stones, break they bones, make sure they aint coming back! Buck! Buck! on a Ku-Klux! Leave'm Crushed! Burne'm to ashes, creamate their fossils into dust, retaliation is a must, in glocks we trust! Late Night Creep, it's time they reap what they ******' sow, leave'm dead, bloodshed is what makes the grass grow, watche'm die like Scarecrow, standin' over they body as they Decompose, may they proceed to bleed whiter than snow, body stiff and cold, tag at the end of their toe, let us toast as they give up the ghost...


    * I wrote this while I was in jail. (1/11/12-4/24/12) Dude pulled a knife on me so I beat the **** out of him with a brick! My wife and my Mother-in-Law saw the scene. My wife gave a statement on my behalf so the case was dropped. It was a very bloody night. It's good to be back into the World of The Living...
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    You should post this in the poetry section.. or in the open forum.. or in your Blog.. this is a Study Group area for Kamitic texts. This doesn't belong here.