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    this is why im writng modern day slave, da takeover
    for many years we've been 2nd class
    how can we reacho our potential if we don't own
    or build our own


    They say it’s a terror lurking
    Tell me, what about the terror around the corner murdering
    So many on the pol, it ticks like time
    The man with the hat and it’s only a matter of time

    Till what happened to JFK happens again
    Civilians crushed by steel beams, happens again
    Wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t the Taliban
    Who knows if it was Bin Laden or Joe and Don

    911 couldn’t rescue lives, paramedics couldn’t treat
    Blacked out like the rulers black souls, can’t eat
    Take away your courage, so you go to war cuz of fear
    Trying to build a legacy, won’t happen here

    Look at these children in Africa
    Scared but still breathing, slaves still exist in Attica
    Hope foundations to e found squandering funds, trying to find bones
    When people are dying in my land, no calcium in they bones

    My best friend, now a killa, we only killed on Nintendo
    Take away college funds from the poor, give em loans to lend though
    Credit killed so they can’t live in the burbs
    You let men stray from communion, planning the burbs

    What about rebuilding the hood, where ****** get rained on with no hood
    Tell me some **** in your campaign; it’s supposed to be all good
    A freeway thru my block, where’s my sound barrier
    Now you know why, men don’t cry when they bury ya

    Sounds harsh, buts what’s harsh it a child with no income, going to college
    Education plans went to war efforts, how can we be great with no knowledge
    Without this knowledge our power is lacking
    We remain targets of greed for nothing else is useful, ask Bin Laden
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    this was str8
    enjoyed the read