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    How Ptah, Thoth and Solomon & others are one and the same

    All Masons view Solomon as the source of their wisdom and craft. Solomon and his father David have already been proven to be linked with Ptah and Thoth in the Memphite theology. I will now attempt to get more in detail to this relationship.

    First Mason means “child (offspring) of the Sun”. The Egyptians called themselves Cham/Ham meaning sun burnt people from the eye (Sun) tear drops (moon/water) of Ra. Few people understand the Bible myth that after the flood (water) Ham, son of Noah begat Egypt (Ptah). But I think I just explained it to you. If you don't get it please read on.

    Solomon name is 3 suns in one. The Egyptians were the first to see the sun in a Trinity.Thoth is a sun and moon priest called thrice great. Thoth and Ptah are one in the same. The God Ptah (Egypt) conceived in his heart (mind/fire atom/Atum), everything that exists and by his Tongue/Words created them all. Ptah then emerges from the waters of Nun in the form of a Primeval Hill. Thoth/Ptah were also called twice-great because of their creative power of the heart and mind. Creation/Universe was accomplished by the unity of two creative principles Ptah and the Atum/Sun. Catholic being equal to Universe also as Sun/Cat & Moon/Hathor.

    In Genesis we know man is created out of water. And that Adam/Atum is created from a mound/hill collection of dust from the earth. We can even go to Psalm 119:105


    “Thy word is a lamp (fire) unto my feet, and a light unto my path”. [Hermes/Thoth was also a god of roads, pathways]

    We therefore see that the Sun was considered words of fire.

    1 Sol= The celestial Mind Sun creating life through his Mind/heart through water/nun
    2.Om=A Word Sun/Tongue of divine/spiritual light of protection/healing
    3. On the Body Sun if overexposed can kill so you build a shelter/shield/tabernacle/tent for in honor of the sun in a city or location where you live. Christians are pictured in the Bible being saved from Hell by merging their bodies into one body of Christ. On is the name of an Egyptian city (dwelling place) of the sun.
    4. All the above is Solomon/Sol, Om and On
    5. This is elements of Fire, water, Air, Earth and the concepts of the father (Ptah) son/sun and Holy Ghost. Hermes/Thoth could be the Holy Ghost linking and separating the other two.
    6. Your body is the temple/hill/pyramid. You’re yourself (your body) and knowing god goes hand and hand.
    7. God creates his own body then in turn creates our bodies are a reflection of his image (Am) and ours Adam. Am is an Egyptian word for Sun which god calls himself.

    These three aspects of the Sun can be found scattered throughout the Bible linking it to Egypt and its Memphite theology. I shall quote them:

    A. “Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them” Proverb 30:5
    B. “The firmament sheweth his handwork (Masonry)...their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a Tabernacle (Tent/pyramid) for the sun”. Which is as a bridegroom”. -Psalm 19:1-4
    C. “The might God, even the lord (Aton/Sun, hath spoken (words), and called (commandments of tongue), the earth from the rising of the sun...Our God shall come, and not keep silence: a fire shall devour before him” Psalm 50:1-3. Logic would infer he has words of fire/sun

    D. “I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my god, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. For the lord God is a sun (Atum/Aton) and shield.” Psalm 84:10-11

    So we can see that the Tabernacle was for the sun and a shield/protection. The sun was the word also. we know from John that Words are creative powers of life and light John1:3-4 & 6:63. Therefore A-D to correspond to numbers # 1 through 7. My Random house thesaurus gives many adjectives for the word shelter is shield/house, protection is shield. shelter can be tabernacle because the Hebrew term for tabernacle (mishkan) means “dwelling place”=house.
    The Tabernacle was also called “Tent of witness” see Numbers 17:7. We know that the Greek word for witness is pyramid/martyr. NT writers claim the temple is spiritually your body (John 2:21 & 1 Cor 6:19). Tabernacles were used until Solomon’s temples used to keep law tablets safe. It’s interesting to note Thoth was the god of Law being the keen eye on the balance scale judging what mankind did in sunset or sunrise. The Body/Temple is also linked with the pyramid/mountain in Luke's housetop. Jesus tells his followers to become martyr’s or loose your life in order to be at the housetop (Pyramid) see Luke 17:31-33. The Housetop/mountain/pyramid is light (sun) on top. These pyramids are mapped out in the stars of Orion by drawing invisible lines; Psalms 19:1-4 just explained this. For the Egyptians your souls went through the ascending/descending angle of Pyramids. The Christians turned the Angles into Angels. Different spelling same meaning.

    Now it’s to be understood that tabernacle is a tent of meeting place erected to face the east to the rising sun. The mother Masonic lodge was the same in Luxor, Egypt facing east towards the direction of the sun rising. Its temple was symbolic replica of the Universe. St. Paul is called a Mason because he was a tentmaker. Paul is linked to Thoth because in Acts he says he speaks like Hermes/Thoth.Paul as the OT Saul dwells in a High hill. Thoth makes a hill where Ra could rise. Pharaoh Amenhotep III built this temple and it’s no accident he’s equated by some scholars as the real Solomon. What links these two men together are their proverbs and their links to Ptah and Thoth. Many experts have scanned the Memphite Theology of the creation of the world. They have concluded hands down connects “The word/Tongues” from John’s gospels to the Memphite theology.
    A recent picture of a Tabernacle from the Holman Bible dictionary looks very like the enclosure wall at Saqqara in Egypt. This structure and others also resemble square mastabas. The first pyramid was based on combining square mastabas together. Mastabas are like mounds/hills, which the Memphite theory talks about making. Imhotep built the first Pyramid (2630BC) and he called himself son of Ptah. Paul and Jesus quote his famous line: “eat, drink and be merry". The Bible and the Egyptians base heaven on a square.

    The Christians should now be ready to speak in tongues. When you speak in tongues you know/heal yourself, your body/mind and you know god (sun) too at the same time. Know=light/Sun, heal=sun/moon or words of firewater; and you are protected then from the fire (Sunlike substance) that kills you in the hellfire of.

    We all aspire to be brides of Jesus/Horus. His bride is the church/body. We seek his head for eternal light and we await for him to take up by his hand (hands resembling a crescent moon) to take us to heaven. Now you know the true meaning of “the Kingdom is near at hand”-Luke 21:31

    Note: Egyptian also called stars “Lamps”.
    Solomon burns incense to the sun in same manner as the Egyptians
    Egyptian had three principal forms of the Sun. 1. Khepri the sun at dawn/at rising 2. Ra, the noon day sun, 3 Tem or Atem/Atum the sun at the end of day. The beetles of Khepri, which rolled or pushed its egg-ball over the ground (Mound), were linked with rebirth, renewed life. Thousands of amulets of the beetle/scarab are for the protection of the dead. So we see how the sun gives life, protects and we create dirt mounds/temple/pyramids for protection of our bodies like the beetle.
    The early Christian fathers linked Jesus to the scarab.


    . And not only was the Beetle-God continued in the "only-begotten God"; the beetle-type was also brought on as a symbol of the Christ. Ambrose and Augustine, amongst the Christian Fathers, identified Jesus with, and as, the "good Scarabæus,".

    “The tombs of the old Empire, the so-called mastabahs...originated in the oblong heaps of stones which were raised in prehistoric times over the grave of a deceased to protection of the dead body”-Life in ancient Egypt By Adolf Erman p310. So we see clearly how the life of animals like the beetle was used to symbolize Egyptian life. Excluding the fact the Egyptians didn’t worship animals but used them to help tell a message they incorporated into their writing system.

    Well I hope I proved that Tabernacle was for protection/shield in a simular way the Mastaba/pyramid was to help protect and get a soul to heaven. And the Egyptians used mountains to keep the bodies of the dead. Revelations mentions Mountains/dens being used for the dead also.