Black Poetry : tender embrace


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
bouncing a ball along the pavement
love plays in his peace the way God meant
when they genuinely smile
eyes are accurate as a sun dial
causing me to get lost in the maze
of your manly gaze
hummers on the street
summer in full heat
lying under a magnolia tree
listening to soft hum of a bumblebee
my head resting on your chest
sweat beading between my breast
dreaming up tender verse that serves Him best
he’s a black soul brother
with a swag like no other
holds it down when there’s war
then comes home to the woman he adore
bourbon glass in her hand cigar rolled on nightstand
a massage waiting for your shoulders
as my arms become your holder
satisfaction drlbbling down your chin
feeling like a royal kingpin
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dang boo with you my panties never dries
keep them wetter than when there’s tears in my eyes
and stickier than doublemint chewing gum
and always moaning girl yum let me have some
let me get you the map that leads to my lap
promise to amplify my mic so you can slowly introduce your rap
to my body’s delicacies while flooding your hips with my intimacy
sassy no doubt like the emoji with the tongue out:p
your fingers looking for a party
tinkers around with my soft body
my round hips your new gadget
and yes their sway does perform magic
as i lay my lavish fantasies bare before you
assured you know exactly what to do
with ‘would you huhs’ on my mind
created by my dreams design
along with other things for example
the pleasure of offering you all my candy samples
your love breaks me apart like jigsaw puzzles
then dabs my pieces in your water colors
pastels permanently tint my skin
now i radiate when touched by My Him
and i’m soaked through and through dripping with desire
and only your body can absorb then extinguish this fire
now living as your painted girl gonna spin your world
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