Black Poetry : TEMPT ME IF U CAN (a LovelyG & $$Rich$$ collab)


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
TEMPT ME IF YOU CAN " a LovelyG & $$RICH$ Display
you can tempt me with your eyes
you can tempt me with your lips
and i can tempt you with my thighs
and we both know we will trip
you can tempt in the way
that you whisper my whole name
you can wet me in a way
that makes me call your name all day
you can tempt me with your hands
as they roam around my body
you can tempt me to understand
that your beautiful sexy
you can tempt me with your tongue
the flicks feels so d@mn good
and you can keep me straight sprung
off the lovin' of your fluid
you can tempt me in the car
in the backseat as we kiss
and you can lick me all over
til my moans scream bliss
you can tempt with your teeth
in that sexy sweet smile
and with those same teeth
pull off my thong and you say WOW !
you can tempt me with your fingers
and make me scream extra loud
and i can tempt you with my linger
that has you feenin' for me now
you can take me to a room
with flower petals everywhere
you can sex me up all night
with mental and physical ignite
to feel the warmth you put inside
as we rest from the long night
to awaken in the morning
to bright sunshine on my face
to awaken in the morning
and make love in a way
that take us both over into distant paradise
and conjoins us over and over
through exctasy's paradise
i can tempt you with my words
and i can tempt you with these lips
i can tempt you with my curves
and i can tempt you with my hips
i can tempt you with my eyes
you'll be lost and hypnotized
i can tempt with my mind
love the way i improvise?

Love da way u improvise
as i tempt with my eyes
and tempt the mesmerize
but u can tempt to make me weak
as i feast and make u da treat
i can tempt u with my care
and even tempt emotion i bare
i can tempt to sho u dis
that make u turn a flip
i can tempt with a kiss
in da waves of erotic bliss
you can tempt to touch me there
and try to make me curl
but as i tempt the perfect twist
of warmth and gentleness
i can tempt to make u smile
and u can tempt to make me clown
i can tempt to love u rite
keep u safe throughout da night
i can tempt to caress in the seat
of my ride where u improvise
i can tempt as u moan
as these two handz roam
you can tempt the motions on me
and have me woooooooweeeee!!
but i can tempt to take u to bed
and fill da pleasure in ya head
i can tempt my compassionate blaze
but u may not be fazed yet amazed
in my tempt of tenderness
as we lay to perfection
as i guide ya love's direction
and i tempt my sweet affection
and give u a warm passion
i can tempt to hit da mark
and u can display da juices
of a sweet milky way
i can tempt with my heart
i can tempt with my soul
as the night get ole
as we stroll inside a bliss
of dis tempt eroticness
i can tempt to bring u down
you can tempt to say no
but yet u lay to da stroke
i can tempt to go da distance
tempt my desires to take u higher
i can tempt as we go in exctacy
i can tempt to lite ya fire
u can tempt to make me ya admire
i can tempt all dis as i lay extreme kiss
in da bliss of temptness and improvise.


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