Black Poetry : Temporary Man

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    I'm just a temporary man trying to love permanently
    I try to reduce my mistakes so I can create love perfectly
    Commerically captivating by my outside
    But urgently fading every time she cried
    I strive so hard to be a miracle worker that
    The harder I try, the more I just desert her
    I don't deserve her yet we go further and it only hurts her
    Improvement scares me as she always compares me to
    The ghosts of past relationships
    I'm a host of lying lips
    Taking her on trips further out in salty water
    So she has more pain to sip
    She already has enough problems in the world
    And all I do is contribute to the gravity
    Having me dispute if love is reality
    I'm just a temporary man trying to love permanently
    Trying to love deeply
    My devotion is cosmic
    Yet I'm still hooked on phonics when it comes to being honest
    When I'm trapped in the act
    I have nothing left to say, so I turn my back
    Knowing that truth has slapped me stupid and strapped me naked
    The temporary man in me tries to put love second
    Even when I know its rightful place
    I try other flavors, when I know my favorite taste
    That awaits for me at home
    And she waits for me alone
    I sleep and even in my dreams I cheat
    But she stays as if the days are sweet
    The temporary man in me pretends to be complete
    When really, I fall apart
    Complicated with the designs of the heart
    Which painted my mind into a confusing piece of art
    So why does she love me so much?
    Is it because I finish her sentences?
    Diminished her innocence or
    Relinquish her from stress during the time I'm not a part of it
    But usually I'm the start of it
    The worst thing that I see in her eyes is judgment
    The worst way to hear it, is when her voice is silent
    Because her words are useless to a temporary man's ears
    Because he only heard what his understanding allows him to hear
    The temporary man in me ruins real love
    Because it doesn't come with clear instructions
    He rather walk blindfolded beacuse vision doesn't matter
    He rather let his **** lead him into destruction
    The temporary man in me does feel guilty
    Even though his ego refuses to show it
    It hurts to see that his woman can never feel like a goddess internally
    And it hurts even worse when his mother knows it
    But his veins are my veins, and his heart beats imperfection
    His hands are my hands and his feet love misdirection
    It's the flesh that holds him down
    Because his intentions are really nice
    But common sense doesn't make a sound
    When he sees lust as paradise
    Even though I'm a temporary man
    Struggling to balance life and love, balance love and drugs
    She makes me feel indestructible
    Despite the other women, the other children
    She restores pieces within
    When I lose them again
    And no matter how much hell I show her
    She manages to find that small bit of heaven
    And that's why I can never leave her
    Because she knows how to love deeper
    Passed the temporary man
    Passed the problems, passed the sin
    Passed the struggles, and beneath the skin
    She doesn't love the temporary man that's in me
    She loves every bit of good that I could be
    Even though she hurts
    She loves something permanently
    Something that I cannot hold
    She sees something given before birth
    She loves the existence of my soul

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    I want to tell you how great this piece is but I'm angry at you.
    If you can write those words then you know what your doing.
    Please stop doing that to her and love her right like
    she deserves. I know you can do it because she would not have fallen
    in love with you in the first place. So go make it right
    Ok....I'm sorry but this really touched me.
    Deep heartfelt piece, very well pose.

    Much Luv
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    well said and i too know u can love like a lover to thy queeneth
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    To find someone who is willing to see the best in you, despite getting shown the worst, is rare. A jewel should be treated as such. Well written piece.
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    Dedicated To Someone

    Thanks for the love everyone, but this piece was not about me. I know about real love and how to show it. I have a friend who is with a temporary man, where his intentions are good but his priorities are so messed up. The temporary part of man is what damages, the flesh is dangerous, but the soul is beautiful. If it were up the soul, I believe love would be perfect but the flesh gets in the way. The difference between male and female is very vast. Females put there lives into love when they get the opporunity, but alot of men do not see the emotion as important because they don't understand it completely. This was for my friend Kesaia, always keep your head up!