Black Poetry : Telling You....Off

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    The silk of a spider’s web was enough to suspend me
    From your angular fingers
    To your sharp incisors
    I was
    Mystified by your presence
    I was
    Blinded by your façade
    My nonchalant attitude and ignoble goals of singular
    Liaisons with multiple associates
    Were destroyed
    And I now recount the individuals I eschewed
    Because I gave a **** about what you thought of me
    And this is what happens…
    A four-page epistle later
    And weeks after our initial engagement
    I am confused by my sudden invisibility
    For now you can no longer look in my eyes
    I was incognizant that
    My phone calls did not have to be returned
    I did not realize that I was so strong as an individual
    That when I ask for your help
    You do not have to offer it
    And it all went downhill from there
    Because this is what happens…

    Shall we talk about the game?
    Does this ring a bell?
    “Your appearance in my life has
    Nullified every crush
    Destroyed every notion of what being in love
    Was supposed to feel like…”
    Now, what makes you think that I am a liar?
    When I say that I care
    I care
    When I say that I want you
    I want you
    I suppose you missed the message
    But I still feel obligated to share with you
    The message that you missed

    So now is the part of the poem where I
    Cast off the formalities of my language
    And pick up my roots
    I conjure the muses of Baraka, Brooks, and Giovanni
    Because this is what happens when you piss off a poet

    So what were you thinking when he put his **** in your mouth?
    Did you get a trip off of his come trickling down your throat?
    Or were you thinking of me?
    See, this is what happens when you piss off a poet
    Piss off a poet
    Because I may grow to forget about you
    But the poem lives on

    What were you thinking when you picked him?
    He can never give you what I can
    Poet versus politician, artist versus public servant
    And, let’s not forget
    I just look better than him
    Because this is what happens when you piss off a poet
    Piss off a poet
    Because like elephants, poets never forget
    And although we may forgive
    The poem lives on

    Will he write you poems like me?
    Will he respect you like me?
    Will he offer you the world?
    Will he place you above his politics?
    And where can he take you?
    And can he take you during the day?
    And do you love him?
    Do you love him?
    Do you love your boyfriend now?
    And if so how?
    How can you love someone who can never acknowledge you in public?
    And I say, this is what happens when you piss off a poet
    Piss off a poet
    Because a poet will love you unconditionally
    But a ********* individual won’t give a ****

    And just because I don’t play your games
    Don’t think I’ve never played them
    I’ve mastered them and moved on
    You have to get played at least once to become a player
    And your time is now
    So play on, player
    Or should I say pawn
    The pawn about to get sacrificed to save the Queen
    And when it happens
    Pissing off a poet will be the least of your worries

    I apologize for any hurt feelings
    But God as my witness, you ain’t gonna ever forget
    What it feels like to choose the rest over the best
    This is what happens when you piss off a poet
    Piss off a poet
    Because poets don’t like to be second best
    And poets don’t take no mess
    And poets never forget
    And poets use bloody tears to write their verse
    And when worse comes to worse
    A poet will still love your triflin’ ***
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    betwixt and between
    i didn't do it ... thank goodness ... too many poets around me :)

    Very Nice Work.


  3. redlady

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    New Jersey
    unfortunately i've never had the luxury of loving a poet...usually they are just pissing off me. nice piece.
  4. poeticdelight

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    Mar 22, 2001
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    welcome welcome welcome welcome

    welcome poet :wave:

    this poem is off da chain

    i love the reiteration "piss off a poet" :lol:

    nah you don't want to GO THERE! :)

    fo sho'


  5. elayne.

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    lover of words.

    well!! ...this one left me speech-less...
    but at the same time i gotta say it was
    definite-ly tyghtlikedat!

    (note to self: don't be pissin' off no poets
    in the near future. :D )

    alwayspeace, chile.