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    Where the Niger meets the Nile
    Many of us know the story of the Lone Ranger and Tonto riding across the prairie. They find themselves surrounded by ten thousand Comanche Indians.
    Lone Ranger: Well, Tonto, looks like we're surounded.
    Tonto: What do you mean "we" white boy?

    We laugh at this joke. But tell the truth. How many of us feel ashamed, how many of us feel like we are doing something wrong when we show racial solidarity in the presence of a white person? How many of us blush sheepishly when we use the word Black in the presence of a white person?

    True, we must do many things underground in order not to raise the ire of those who have power over us. We cannot be cavelier about making whites feel threatened for there is no more vicious psychopoath than a scared white man.

    But I'm talking about what goes on inside our hearts and minds. Sometimes we can internalize as attitudes those actions which were only meant to be survival tactics.

    Take a moment for honest self-inspection (not self incrimination) then purge out any instance of shame or apology for the love and preference we hold for our own beautiful Black people.
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    Beloved Qg River:

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    I am still learning :baby:
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    I dont, and I haven't. Race had never been an issue in my life - any race. As an individual, in my social group, in my community.. in fact, I had not experienced racism to any mentionable degree until I moved to the EU - which is why I relate well to your following statement.

    In Africa, I am a mild mannered, easy going somebody. Here (EU) I have been told on many occasions - that I am intimidating - even arrogant at times. I started to believe it. I adapted. I played the game (corporate and social) I soon discovered it was my "Blackness" that intimidated them - so I could say that their view of me factors in my motivation to search for "Blackness" - if that makes any sense - as I didn't/dont quite understand what it means to "be Black" in a white world.

    In this search of mine, I've learnt that YES, I have been a victim of racism to the nth degree - I've been... "nonracial!" - as if! I'm a victim of white liberalism!! :D I "AM" intimidating because I dont blush when using racial terms - I should blush for not using them with purpose.

    Oldsoul's Black Consciousness class is a godsend - the info stored and shared on is astounding. My personal/cultural history (as I knew it) is becoming enhanced.. almost.. rewritten..

    I hope this wasn't a rhetorical question meant only for introspection.. if so, I blew it by answering.. ;)