Black Poetry : Tell Me How Long The Train’s Been Gone

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    Hamlet,NC (The Middle of Nowhere)
    Woke up this morning,
    running a little late,
    last night was tragic,
    see, my breakdown--
    (brazenly commanding each ounce of my energy)
    the bastard refused to wait,
    and I was infused
    with a need
    this unstable greed
    to know
    once and for all

    tell me, just how long has my train been gone?

    the speeding capsule,
    that boldly holds
    my life, love, future, happiness
    inside its rickety core,
    I stand, consuming looming fumes
    from burnt steel (my dreams)
    watching the blur
    through a partially open door,
    and I wonder
    when did it get this bad?
    was it really as bad as I think?
    should I silently abide my time
    slightly amused
    but getting used to
    sounds of metal on metal
    clink (ing)
    again I’m thinking

    how long’s my train been gone

    this silver cylinder of rage
    the saddest of my sad observations
    is that I’m unaware of
    who’s driving
    my cage
    it couldn’t be me….could it?
    if it is….why won’t I slow down,
    consistently traveling closer and closer
    to my own severe unraveling
    it’s like a javelin of emotion protrudes my brain
    pointing out to everyone
    I happen to meet
    “Look at me, I can’t maintain!!”
    can’t seem to survive
    in this world
    of isms and schisms
    and do’s and don’ts
    that I don’t understand
    even worse
    I’m coerced by my very hands
    to run through this station (called life)
    at a hazardous pace,
    content with running a race
    that I’ve proven I cannot win

    how long?
    how long?
    how long?
    how long?

    tell me, how long has the train been gone?

    or maybe….it’s just on delay
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    We will pray for delay, and as I always say, it is never too late. So sloooowww down and you may find the train was waiting all the time, and maybe you just passed it up. Slow down and let it catch up.

    This was so insightful, planning to read this to a son of mine. Thank you Tarheel again, for your words that reach into so many hearts and minds.

    Do you have a special looking glass? ;)