Black Poetry : Tell a phat story about bling in the category of things // Such as the fury of jewelry and wedding r


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May 11, 2006
Tell a phat story about bling in the category of things //
Such as the fury of jewelry and wedding rings that clings //
To fingers, to flow well is a task this is a hotel of class //
Your perfume wreck my head and i check the bed fast //
See if they soft and stay for boss kisses, got ebonics //
And apparatus while other got economic status ironic //
Living in friction and given a position to fight back //
And write fact as a knight at the roundtable words lack //
Nouns but able to speak this may stable the street and smack //
Down crime, a number of folks want hummers and boats //
I just eat cucumbers and hopes, now this is BLACK HIP HOP //
In VIRGINIA BEACH a more or less straight line can’t stop //
Breasts cake and wine and i see a girl dressed great and fine //
My dreams a small figure but they all bigger when reality hits //
The fatality gits worse so no doubt this day my mind sway fits //
Out in the bay “SO LOOK boo being home is fine but need a telephone //
Line so we talk lovey dovey, i’m above the rim and i love tims gone //
With a film based on a true story,chilling surprised in building comprised //
Of bedrooms with my head tuned to music and I’m doomed if don’t use it //
To get my point across wanna anoint your boss body boo and cruise a bit //
In the drop top,look boo you got round eyes and brown pies and boys be //
Around town crying and trying to find you boo, look I quote script at sea //
And it’s like a boat trip gee leave cats mind afloat like tadpole use mad //
Scrolls to make that happen with lots of phat rapping so i be very glad //
My crew involved on a new job but the door turn the other way and now //
Concerned today on rather we gonna rap again at a desired speed somehow //
So wow it’s a magnificent day and do things a different way let’s date then //
You give me wet cake “NAW PLAYER a hug visible from miles around when //
A boy smiles and go downtown and of course i’m moving my thing up //
And down, think you want true lace in a new place got a swell flow but //
How well do you know BLACK HIP HOP your shook menu is phat so I best //
Look into that,emotions soar severely has become more clearly oh yes //
you wanna plan wise and analyze the cream pies between my thighs //
Divine truth at home and like fine tooth comb put waves in the guys //
Hair so with pies I prepare for sex, I ain’t alert as boys inspect my //
Paintwork for cracks and flaws come facts from their jaws like ROBERT //
SHAW no fault in walk no doubt wet galore and like an outlet store goods //
From the hoods are sold,love is bold dug out a hole in the snow the woods //
Await deer but there’s cake here in this small place and you want all lace //
See cake create luck, great to duck al thel red tape hurdle wiser and chase //
Fertilizer for my flowerbed and like a shower head rain brings the moist //
“BOO ballistic galore A KISS never existed before and you have sweet voice //
A PUERTO RICAN chick i’m freaking quick you speak SPANISH on the street //
and vanish sweet girl, i wanna date got kinked luck must think up unique //
Stuff got a sweet cream puff make boys dream stuff “HA! HA! Not ready //
For you to huff and puff on it doe, oh PUERTO RICAN girls get so wet //
Down there, I remember at GOLDEN CORRAL in CHESAPEAKE my dress a threat //
being in a min-skirt plenty flirt, my mini-skirt is blue and it amuse me to flirt //
with you and twerk-ku-loo don't know what captain KIRT would do, love never hurt //
i guess beam me up scotty got cream as a hottie wanna hug forever and your love //
letter script tough like a leather strip better sip some coffee and cool off dug //
a hole for yourself, I'm winner with rhyme that intertwine like strands of spaghetti //
my plans ready like confetti it's celebration time devastation with rhyme even BETTY //
CROCKER knows this my cake frosting is brisk, anyway with plenty to say not the norm //
On VIRGINIA BEACH reach with butter and charm we in each other’s arm it's a love storm //
my kiss renown got boys twist around my very fingers and like JERRY SPRINGER this is //
a show this be pie and we see eye to eye got a pill able soon to slaughter gee whiz //
got a tablespoon of water devastated MC'S, become grated cheese for a rhyme sandwich //
so pass the napkin it's class rapping my task is trapping words in microphones damage //
brains in the process take aspirin it pain less my name bless so get a soft bandage //
my breast get hound and my dress pulled down and boys wanna mess around oh SPANISH //
PUERTO RICIAN GIRLS go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH we jest have to vanish //
sometime", "OK BOO your skin a PUERTO RICIAN BROWN when at home bet your breasts //
on fire and express a strong desire for sex hey the way they Pocahontas lets //
be friends," " OK REMEMBER i was at SAMS in CHESAPEAKE went on a trip shopping hips //
hopping like MAD and a PUERTO RICIAN girl be freaking the world of boys, leave drips //
of love on their lips and I'm aware they grips a girl's waist and beg and based on //
a preg some even marry

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