Black Poetry : Tell a Lie.

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    Tell a lie,
    it’s what I expect;
    they are easier to decipher than the truths of your actions.
    The truths where you nurse me to health dropping everything else
    The truths where you add wheels to pinewood derby cars
    For kids you didn’t know 6 months ago
    The truth that you never let me down until it was too late to pick me up.
    Tell a lie.

    Tell a lie.
    I would rather not know how my mind captivated you
    made you see things differently.
    How you tried, but couldn’t.
    I was too much and not enough in all the wrong ways.
    I am too me, too PTSD, too old to ******* plead.
    Tell a lie.

    Tell a lie.
    The one where you can move on without me
    as if we never existed.
    That you can toss me away
    Like expired milk.
    That you can just go on with your life
    as if I were not maimed
    like I had not lost a foot, hobbling around.
    Tell a lie.

    Tell a lie.
    Tell me you’re taking the same **** only a different toilet
    Make me feel like I was just one in a line of hundreds,
    and not the only one for you.
    Because if you could just tell me this lie
    I could move on
    I could explain that you never loved me.
    Tell a lie.