Brother AACOOLDRE : Tefnut is the Tree of Good & Evil

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    TEFNUT: the tree of knowledge of Good/Evil in the OT.

    By Andre Austin

    Tefnut is the Twin-sister of Shu ; as a power of nature she typified, the left eye of the moon, Clouds, dew, rain and moisture or some aspect of the sun’s heat. Tefnut had a lion’s head along with her brother. Tefnut also went by the name of Maat (Balance, justice, moral order). In the pyramid texts they play a curious part, Shu being supposed to carry away hunger from the deceased, and Tefnut his thirst (see The Egyptian book of the dead p.cxii by E.A.Wallis Budge & Egyptian ideas of the Afterlife p.93 by Budge). By coincidence the left eye of the Moon was the Utchat eye symbolized by the Egyptian Rx=happiness, health and protection from harm. Rev chapter 3 calls the Lukewarm people by their opposite of Wretched and miserable (unhappy) when they were actually happy. Like Aristotle said Heath was balance between Hot & Cold and Lukewarm escapes harm or death by not being swallowed up.

    According to Gary Greenberg’s 101 Myths of the Bible, the tree of Life and knowledge of good and evil, in the middle of the garden, was Shu & Tefnut. Shu went by the name of life and Tefnut was Maat. In the book of Amos chapter 5 associated the Lion and Justice rolling down like Justice. This could be a case of associated what Amos said with Tefnut.

    Now if you were in ancient Egypt and you told a priest about a name (Lukewarm) that was associated with:

    1. Being between in the middle of Hot & Cold

    2. Spit

    3. Warm

    You then gave that priest the task of associating its name (Lukewarm) with an Egyptian deity they would most like have to say Tefnut. Why?

    1. Tefnut as Maat is Justice which is balanced

    2. The root word for spit makes up the name Tefnut

    3. Tefnut is also called “The heat of heaven”

    The Christians were close in calling “Lukewarm” warm water. Tefnut, Literally translating as "That Water", the name Tefnut has been linked to the verb 'tfn' meaning 'to spit'. The Christians would be close but they wouldn’t get a victory Cigar.

    Most likely the ancient Egyptian priest would ask for the contexts in which the story of Lukewarm is being used in Revelations chapter three. The subject of water isn’t brought up but Amen being an eyewitness and some people being spiritually blind needing salve for the eyes spills out in ink. With this being the case the Egyptian priests would associate Lukewarm with Tefnut’s aspect of a Cloud being over the eyes of Ra for a period of time. With Luke being a pun for Look the case gets deeper. The NT was originally written in Greek. So Luke would be Loukas another pun for Leukomas, (eye disorder for seeing white spots). These white spots can easily be converted into a metaphor of Tefnut’s Clouds that obscured the view of Ra’s eyes (see The Gods of the Egyptians Volume 1 p.303 By E.A. Wallis Budge).

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