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Jul 24, 2013
Adolescent years are especially troublesome when it comes to skin and skin care. Sometimes we're too lazy to remove our makeup at night or maybe we're just ill-informed of how to take care of our skin. (We didn't have pimples when we were still in our kiddy days playing in the sandbox!) We wanted to provide you with some simple night time skin care tips to help you look flawless even through the stressful teen years.

  1. Read the labels- many of us wake up to darkness under our eyes. There can be a big difference in treatments options- if your problem is related to poor blood flow, look for creams that strengthen capillary walls. However, if the skin under your eyes has darker pigment, you would get more help from an eye cream with hydroquinone to erase hyperpigmentation such as Clear Essence Skin Lightening Serum for the treatment of stubborn or hard to fade skin discolorations- especially for delicate areas such as around the eyes.
  2. Fight skin dehydration by running a mister or humidifier in your bedroom. Humidifiers are inexpensive and allow you to wake up to softer skin, especially during harsh, cold weather.
  3. Wash up....remove daily pollutants, cosmetics, dirt and oil before going to bed. If you don't cleanse your skin each night then debris stays with you and clogs pores. If you like a low maintenance routine, then use Clear Essence Medicated Cleansing Bar which is a sulfur based cleanser that won't strip your skin and removes bacteria and germs that cause acne and blemishes!
  4. Apply a moisturizer to bind moisture to your skin all night long. We like our Lemon Plus Vitamin A Body Crème which is lightweight to keep skin hydrated. Not too thick and not too thin- this moisturizer is just right!
  5. Waking up looking puffy around the eyes? Keep 2 spoons in the fridge and apply them to the eye area while you wait for your coffee to brew. And try sleeping on your back with 2 pillows propping you up at night - this will keep fluids from pooling and creating puffiness.
  6. To avoid damaging your skin and hair, sleep on satin pillow cases. No more face creases in the morning! This affordable luxury is a must for every sleeping beauty- so sleep well!

    You can find Clear Essence products at www(.)clearessence(.)com
    What skin care problems are you trying to tackle currently?

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