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    Logic is a form of masculine thinking. Vanity the nature of logic. Scientifically we have a written hold on ten percent of brain function, and no clue of the functionability of the remaining.

    It is easy for logic to reason that the brain is doing nothing more then what it's own common sense can categorize.

    For example, a man might suggest extensive study of calendars, solar and lunar. A heterosexual femenist may reason that an extensive study and hands on in the area of accounting and business may yield the same understanding of cycle. Business is normally run on a fiscal or calendar year, being from June to July, and January to December, respectively. Further participants in such areas of learning would also participate in month end, quarter, semi annual and year end close procedures. A heterosexual feminist correlates areas of reason into similar concept. An untrained I, without expertise of one particular focus or area is able to interchange concepts and derive lesson and meaning without similar experience, or linear movement and thought.

    Advances in tecknology is the opposite of advance in thought processes. Computer language is a series of ones and zeros, called switches, with two positions on and off. Once programmed, only simple navigation is necessary.

    The idea is that by allowing the artificial, pre programmed machine to do the thinking, the brain is doing nothing.

    To understand this think about if you right now lost your cellular phone. How many of the phone numbers do you actually know to dial from memory and place the call? By programming the names and storing them in, your not using the portion or accessing the portion of your brain that is responsible for memory.

    The more tecknology we use the less we use our own brain, and that confines thought to the ten percent .
    Building a dependency on teknology is an advance method of over consumption. To create a generation of energy junkies, poetically speaking, conceptually the idea of a robot.

    There are regions of the brain that activate feelings, and regions that deactivate feelings.

    There is no such thing as an artificial soul.