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    Close to 85% of all users prefer Internet Explorer (IE). In most cases when surveyed their only other experiences have been with Netscape. If you use AOL, you are also using a netscape based products. Same goes for JUNO/NetZero (same company now) and a host of other ISPs, they all use one or the other and just slap their name on it.

    Well...I was getting fed up w/ IE because it is the #1 target of all major hackers and hacking rings. As a web designer I dont even recognize Netscape since it refuses to evolve and incorporate all the neat little tricks that programmers have come up with. So whats a brother to do? Try some new browsers! Here are my picks and comments.

    NOTE: If you use DSL, these will make your machine EVEN FASTER! If you use 56K, you are about to get the relief of a LIFETIME. Expect to see speed increase at least by 15%. Using the K-Meleon browser I saw a 50% INCREASE in speed. That is incredible!!!!

    Name / Speed (1-5, higher the better) / Cost / Features

    Opera 7:
    Speed: 4
    Cost: Free
    Features: Everything IE has, plus more. Supports all advanced and future technology for web site viewing, spam filter, email client, customable skins - too much to list here!

    Speed: 5++ (yes, its that **** fast!)
    Cost: Free
    Features:Barebones. Only the essentials so speed isnt comprised. Access to IE bookmarks, customable skin. This is the best choice for people with computers that are older than 2 years, have pentium 2 or lower processing or have less than 20 GB of memory (which is usually a pretty good indicator of how fast and up to date your technology is..) Open source project, so lots of upgrades come from everyday users that keep in contact with company.

    Cost: Free
    Features: Popup Disabler, multi-tab view of several sites thru ONE window, mail and newsgroup clients, an HTML editor, and IRC chat, a check-in point for developers fixing Mozilla bugs. This is one of the pioneers in the game. Its stable, tech support is like Opera - these folks are going anywhere, if you run into trouble you CAN reach somebody, unlike IE or Netscape. Open source project, so lots of upgrades come from everyday users that keep in contact with company.

    Opera 7 makes Internet Explorer look like a joke. Once you try it you will wonder how you didnt notice how slow IE was before. It looks better, has better features and is a smaller file size. Its been around over 10 years and doesnt suffer a multitude of attacks by hackers. And its more stable and web site friendly than Netscape. Although open source keeps companies like Microsoft from dominating the world, Opera is the best for people that everyday folks, as their is less for the user to customize upon download.

    Opera 7 Info & Download:

    K-Meleon Info & Download:

    Mozilla Info & Download:

    by the way -- there is a movement to move away from "best viewed in this browser" to "any browser welcome" -- this is both grassroots and instutional as new standards are being written now. ...

    on that note is not entirely compatible with all the browsers that are currently available. In particular with those listed above, I saw some minor issues around coding., where a conglomerate of webmasters from around the world meet and dialogue is pressing for all sites and board to be cross checked in more than one browser. now broswer detection is considerd invasive, but building for all and not tracking what people use is cool.
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    I was told the same thing from one of my boyz.

    I am migration away from IE over time.

    Good post and thanks for the info!