Black Christians : TEBOWING: Tim Tebow & Colin Kaepernick~ 2 NFL CHRISTIANS on Their Knees For A Cause

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May 7, 2009
Colin Kaepernick vs. Tim Tebow: A tale of two Christians on their knees

By Michael Frost By Michael Frost
...September 24 at 7:00 AM

… One version is kneeling in private prayer. The other is kneeling in public protest.



I just recently learned that this stance on the knee that Colin Kaepernick took became an iconic stance due to Tim Tebow, an NFL player from Florida and a Heisman Trophy winner.

However, the author of this article who made the comparison and contrast between Colin and Tim Tebow obviously reveals his bias. Nevertheless, I had never heard of the cache phrase TEBOWING and Tim Tebow until I saw this recent article in the wake of the conflict that has arisen from President Trump’s attack on the NFL at an Alabama rally. So, after doing some extra research on Tim Tebow, I appreciate him but, I do not like the media’s attempt to throw down Colin who is so awesome for his courage. I appreciate the Christian family of Tim Tebow, and especially like to read about his firm stance against premarital sex. I also like how his parent’s home schooled him and taught him Christian values but, at the same time, my heart aches immeasurably because I was completely thrown down by this American legal system when I tried to do the same for my sons. I chose to homeschool my son for one year as opposed to enrolling him into a low performing school in a community with high crime rate, but was jailed, my sons taken away from me for my efforts. So now, when I hear these melodramatic stories sometimes of how these pious hard working White Christian Americans go to college, get married, earn their living, and spend their money in other countries to help other people, then come back to the States, it turns my stomach. After I graduated from college, passed national exams, got a job, I endured racial and gender discrimination, got hurt on the job and was fired when I complained, and was left to provide for my sons after being dragged through the American court system and financially in debt. White privilege. Smh.

After the author writes about the two men who kneel, he says that Tim Tebow does it in private prayer, but Colin Kaepernick does so for public display and protest; What a disrespectful and false statement to write. Tim Tebow did not pray in the locker room, but in the open, just like Colin who is a professed Christian.

But then here is the real kicker to this contrast and comparison story; Although Colin was plastered in the media for his stance in not voting for either candidates for presidency because in his opinion, the racist system will still remain intact, on the other hand, they completely downplayed Tim Tebow in his ambiguous political stance. What gives Tim Tebow the right to be 'silent on his political views' over others who are publicized? Last time I Googled, I saw my name listed on some report about how I and others in my community voted, and I did not consent:

Tebow has been silent regarding his political beliefs, refusing repeated
attempts by the media to get him to comment on the presidential race
of 2016, but he has not ruled out the possibility of being more politically
active in the future. [224]

Ultimately though, my heart is so heavy for the very reasons that Colin took a knee; ethnic people are being shot and killed with no chance of a fair trial. I just recently read about police being called to a scene an ethnic man who was deaf, and some people in the community yelled to the police force not to shoot because the man could not hear their statements. Nevertheless, he was shot and killed and the police has been placed on administrative duty. And also, I just read about yet another protest in Missouri due to a police being acquitted for the killing of another black man who apparently was running from the law due to drugs. No trial for him, not by this court system anyway.

But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god
whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver,
and with precious stones, and pleasant things. DANIEL 11:38.


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they were both thrown out of the NFL.
they have all kinds of women beaters and dopers in the NFL but kneel, hell no !!!!!:10500:

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May 7, 2009
Now, I am beginning to wonder if this was maybe some kind of plan calculated move though. I am thinking about this,

--it was only a few years ago, that a movie came out about a Nigerian doctor who reported about football players who were getting brain damage, CTE, and he dealt with this being covered up. Now with many cases going to law, a lot of money has to paid out due to lawsuits. I am now wondering if president Trumps attack against the NFL protesting could be connected to this financial issue that concerns a large scale issue, not only on the professional level, but for college football, and high school. Maybe analyst foresee the end of American football, and have decided that they don't want to pay out, so instead they have decided to use this ploy and turn it against the football players.

-- And then there is another ironic issue too, in regards to the ongoing protest against the confederate flag that has escalated to the connecting issue of the confederate statues. I am beginning to wonder if the government leaders are not talking and planning and choosing to create confusion by attempting to turn the issue onto African Americans in regards to the American flag. Maybe argument is trying to be raised in regards to neutralizing the anger against the confederate flag by suggesting that African Americans don't respect the American flag, as a ploy to divert attention away from the previous issue.

-- And also, if the leaders decided years ago, to attack black African American men, they knew that eventually, someone would stand up against this, it would only be a matter of time. So I am wondering if this system has planned to deal with economical issues in these ways. It's like right wing tactics...racism under the cover of policies and etc.

So maybe the divisive tactics are being used to create confusion, and of course, division for another hidden purpose that may unfold but that ultimately has to do with economics as well as other issues.

I think this government has to be in some kind of economical trouble for president Trump to come out against such a large organization like the NFL. This is surreal to me. Is this like, THE LAST TRUMP!?
Or what!? I feel like for the government to come against the NFL is like coming against the Roman Coliseum and the most central economical endeavor that so many channels of the system connect to in some way, form or fashion.
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