Black Poetry : Tears Of Ecstasy (repost)


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Feb 16, 2001
memphis, Tn
Have you ever had your soul touched
in ways you've only imagined
gentle like the horizon
touches the earth but has no end
but passionate like the storm
of thunder when it begins

Have you ever had your spirit lifted into space
in ways you never dreamed
like helium orbs with no destination
beyond galaxies we will take this ecstasy

I want to touch all of you
from beginning to end
and let the infinity of the stars
light our way as we lay
ourselves open to elements
of euphoria never before known

As I behold this beauty of goddess proportions
I have to whisper to myself
that you are so... in every way
and my nature swells with emotion
as our souls prepare to mate

I feel the warmth of our desire
approaching heat reminiscent
of ten thousand candles
in a fire of anticipation
fed by infatuation
that borders on obsession

My fingers embrace your silhouette
our bodies melding
our spirits meeting
our souls mating

My lips kiss your every part
your head
your toes
and everything
that lies

My tongue caressing
your breasts
your stomach
your vagina

My wetness meets your wetness
and your wetness begins to flow
a sweet flow of cane
more rich than honey
as is runs from your essence
to my hope-full mouth

I lick
I like
I lap
I love
all that is you

as I slide in gently we join in a revolution
of sexual magnitudes that Eros and Athena
couldn't put together

and we begin to move
as two with a mutual goal
to be-cum one

so with the trust
that is us
we let go~~we explore
places of sensuality previously ignored

and we put aside all fears
to obtain the bliss of utopia
the excitement of new experience

an experience that brings forth
our eruption as a dormant volcano
we emit our own lava
a lava that won't destroy
but build

build dreams of our next innovative voyage
into pleasure-filled moments in time
that result in
emotional evolution
life changing
mind altering
time halting
explosion, big-bangs, our bodies we can't control
because of the inspiration to our souls
and when we let go together
we are together like no-other experience
can bring us
to this point
create these feelings
that vault from our inner-being
and with it comes tears
of joy immeasurable
pleasure unexplainable
and as you lay next to me
we can't stop these tears of ecstasy
they stream down our cheeks
and we can not speak
we just wonder
where did they cum from
were they present all along
buried in a deep sea of doubt and fear
will we ever again cry these ecstasy tears

My soul has been touched


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