Tears Of Destruction

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    Sep 13, 2002
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    This is my first time ever posting, I hope it's alright.

    To my demise through your eyes
    You seek to tear me down
    Why should I be surprise…

    The tears that run down my face
    Only to stir up another chase
    How can I beat this same old tired [email protected]@ rat race.

    You think you got all the answers…

    Huh, ha ha… my brother

    You, but only you
    have only begun to find out what really matters
    with all that stupid chit chatter.

    See, the blood may flow and the tears may come and go
    But, your sorry [email protected]@ destruction you don’t even know.

    You don’t seem to know how much you meant to me,
    but today… huh, you’ll see I’ll be okay.

    So, my by brother no more shall you tear up the road that really matters.
    You will find that another top hat can and will flatter!!!