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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Beginning:Saturday,Oct.17,2009, 7 pm-8 pm(Eastern Time),@ Destee Online Classes; Presented and Hosted by: BRO.ELDER BA'KHYR, an African Hebrew/Israelite of The Tribe Of Levi. TOPICS:
Our Economic Deliverance, Socialism, The One and True Living God, Economics, Family, Life, Mercy,/Compassion, and much more...

DELIVER THYSELF!(Prov.6:5, Zech.2:7)

Brother ELDER BA'KHYR ... Thank You So Much !!! :toast: :bowdown: :toast:

I have set your class up on the schedule, beginning 10/17/09 @ 7 pm ET. You can see it at this link :

If I need to add or change anything, let me know.

Looking forward to the day ... :love:

Love You!




Jul 2, 2003
CLASS.. put the fork down


I can hardly wait until the day.
I can plug into this community.
From my television and watch a cooking class a member is giving.

Ingredients given ahead of time...Members thru their TV's plugged into Destee ... here on line following along, mixing ingredients and cooking a dish together.

Then coming back on a thread to say and tell them
how good that recipe was.

How good a family secret passed down from Great Grand Parents
tasted so good!

It is possible today. It just has to be done!

Any Teachers and Informative Members here
to spell out the details of getting it to fruition?



Dec 26, 2009
sexual abuse educator... from a male survivors porspective

greetings to all.............

I am a single black man, college grad "FISK". w/ no children, 30+ & a survivor of sexual abuse that started around the age of 2yrs old until the 5th or 6th grade.... I was abused by 2 babysitters ( the people associated with the babysitters) a priest & a sleep away camp camper.......

my abuse has had a huge impact on my life & my sex life........ most women are not aware that they are in relationships w/ men that have been sexually abused..... so in the process of looking for help i have become the help that i could not find....... whatever you want to know please ask me......


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May 7, 2011
Greetings to all....

I am Shikamaru :)

I would like to host a class on Sunday evenings beginning at 7 titled Lex Mercatoria (Law Merchant). It will cover money, finance, economics, as well as a liberal application of history and law.

I can begin this coming weekend.

If there is any interest, I wouldn't mind doing one on Caucasian history as well as law.

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