Chief Elder Osiris : Te War Against Iraq Is Not For Democracy But Against Islam

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know my beloved, I have thought long and meditatively over whether or
    not I should reveal the truth about what is going on in the Middle East and
    more especially in Iraq.

    The code word for Evil and Religious domination in the Middle East is,

    Now,why do I say that ? Doesn't america serve as the paragon of Democracy, a
    way of Life that serve to suit the fancy of the sitting forces that is in
    power and control over the lives of masses of people in the world?

    america democracy is a mockery of True Democracy and is a far cry of what it
    should represent in the circle of Truth and individual freedoms.

    Under america Democracy,only the Rich and powerful get to enjoy the flavor
    of True Democracy.

    In a True Democracy,it is the Universal Law that apply and such a Law
    require as well as assure the pleasure to the gift from God to Mankind and
    should be allowed to enjoy Liberty,Happiness and the sovereignty of God
    Gift, without infringing upon the sovereignty of others Gift from God. Of
    course that gift is Life.

    The Luciferians, bearers of the false Light of Truth and immoral Democracy,
    has succeeded in blinding the world to that which is universal required of
    God Creation and that is to function in an orderly Spherical Path, in unison
    and harmony, thus having the freedom to act and interact without the desire
    to interfere or dominate each other Life Path.

    The Truth and Fact of the matter is, the Middle East is dominated with
    Islamic culture and tradition and the Religion of Islam deal not with nor
    subscribe to Democracy, but is a Theocracy style of goverence, whose
    Society has so been conditioned to accept.

    america Democracy contradict the very tenets of Islam teaching and in no way
    could live side by side without one interfering with the other act of
    expression of thought.

    I am neither Islam nor Christian nor Jew or any other religion, my Life
    origin and Mental Thought is the Carbon Cosmic Theology of our Primeval
    Carbon Afrikan Ancestors, which adhere to Universal Democracy and Teaching
    and not Man Made Democracy, which is what america has so instituted and has
    succeeded in selling by imposing it upon the World.

    Never will america democracy take root in an Islamic World, the very
    teaching of Islam defy such form of democracy.

    Islam demand total submission to the clerical interpretation of a universal
    Deity and such interpretation is seen through the Mind Eye of a patriarchal
    society, which in fact defy the rule of law of a man made Democracy, not to
    mention Universal Democracy, where each gift of God creation should be
    allowed to travel uninhibited along their own individual sphere in the Life
    space that has so been assigned to each of us, in harmony with each other,
    as we search out our own individual purpose in Life, as it relate to the
    Gift giver of Life.

    What we are witnessing in regard to america invasion of, not Iraq but Islam,
    is the beginning of the effort to dismantle the fabric of the religion of
    Islam, in the name of a derogatory form of america Democracy, dripping with
    the fable of Judaic / Christian dogma and a immoral democracy that will not
    allow america to face up to the fact that her creation of the institution of
    Chattel Slavery, was so designed to forever keep the Godly Carbon Nation,
    divided and under her authority.

    america Democracy is the code word for world domination, through and by way
    of transforming and converting Islam, now that She think that She Has
    conquered the Nation of God. ( Amma }

    Therefore, the only hope for Islam and all other societies conflicting with
    Judeo / Christian Religion, and is in the scope of america aim for
    transforming, is to be able to see the divine wisdom in supporting what is
    destined to be, for the AfroDescendants in the Diaspora, which is Reparation
    / Repatriation, Nation State Status in Afrika and the coming of the
    resurrection of that Godly Carbon Afrikan Nation, a Nation that possess the
    Fire equal to the Sun - God Ra, a nation whose survival serve to become the
    preservation of a World in turmoil, headed for destruction.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation.

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist

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