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    The who, what, when, How and why of the coming of the Satanic tax man

    By Andre Austin

    The budget of the NT expresses its values in submitting to pagan Rome

    Who? Q: Tax policies of the NT benefits who?

    What? A: A Roman colonial power benefits from Tribute, Taxes from the serfs. The uneducated also pay to the Greek Goddess Circe (Church) that turns people into animals to be fed off of. Roman emperors elaborate use of Typological (name switching) something like Hollywood typesetting where same person appears in different shows under different names saying the same thing. Its Threate which comes from Theogony (religion). Lazarus was another name for Christ who was made into a supper with his naked body and penis on the Table was turned into a donkey and Jesus was liken to a mouse, lamb etc, etc. recall Christ sends demons into pigs which was an allegory to Titus rushing Jews over a cliff.

    How: The Gospels and Josephus works (War of the Jews), were created of confuting fools by a parody, satire and spoof (Fools for Christ).Psychological warfare (gospel=good news of military victory). Mind control of religion have believes accept submission to Roman government is God’s wish. Therefore, rebelling against a sadistic crime family Government is a sin.

    Why: Wicked Black comedy to Continue a criminal enterprise by the current oligarchy for mass pacification and continued commerce. A comedy goes to Testament (root of searing with testicles in your hands) of Christ (Titus) as a God and eating his testicles/penis in the Eucharist ritual taken from the god Osiris whose penis was eaten by a Nile fish. You can pick up little clues from Saul/Paul who said he had on his body the marks of Jesus (Galatians 6:17). Paul himself was made a eunuch and his transformed name Paul (tiny) reflects this being neither circumcise nor uncircumcised=no ***** (Galatians 6: 15-17). Joseph Atwill is now writing an upcoming book called The Single Strand. Atwill is going back and forth from Acts 13:1-9 & 1Samel 18:24-27 to say that Paul’s name change from Saul to Paul is to say that Paul was castrated and renamed Paul because it means Tiny in Greek. Atwill explains that separated means severed and “Placed their hands on him”-The word used for “Placed” can also mean “Attack”. Atwill other book Caesar’s Messiah asserts that Jesus ministry is a parody of Titus military campaign. If this is true then I feel sorry for the Little/Tiny Children in Matthew 19:10-14. (We can see it in Matthew 18 too). It was hard for Paul to kick against the pricks (penis Goads/Penis/*****) see Acts 9:5/Acts 26:14) playing on OT Saul parody of castrated foreskins of 200 penises (1 Sam 18:24-27). The Passover Lamb just stated not to break bones (Exodus 12:46). The penis wasn’t a bone.

    When? Between 66-96AD under the three Dynasty of Emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. From this period the Gospels were written and back dated 40 years so that the literary character Jesus Christ could prophesize that the Son of Man (Titus) would come and destroy Jerusalem.

    Examples of Tax policies benefiting Rome:

    1. King David was the first person called Satan by the Jews for his Census/Tax policies (1Chr 21:1). Jews were supposed to treat brothers who sin against you like you would a pagan or tax collector (see Matthew 18:17) but we are lead to believe Jesus was friends with tax collectors (Luke 8:34) when in reality it was Titus because it was in his interest.

    2. The Jewish Maccabees fought Greek and considered their tax/tribute slavery. The Jewish predecessors to the NT rebelled against Rome in the name of their god and protecting their religion now they submit because its now rebelling against god (Romans 13:2.

    3. Jesus family traveling to submit to a Roman Census (Luke 2)

    4. Honor the Emperor and Roman bureaucracy (Romans 13)

    5. Go fishing to pay taxes (Matthew 17:27) a parody of taking gold coins from the belly of dead Jews during the War of the Jews

    6. Paying taxes to Caesar and to God (Luke 20 20-26) Caesar/God were one and the same person in the Gospel. Jesus was a composite literary character made up of mythological people and historical persons. More evidence of this is Pope Julius (4th century) establishing December 25th as Christ birthday when this is the birthday of Osiris and Mithra, the Eucharist of the Catholic church.

    7. Civilians were required to carry a Roman back pack for 1 mile which were mark on the roads. Apparently Jesus wanted to expand this to two miles (Matthew 5:41)


    Clearly the evidence is out that the NT tax policies exhibit a pro-Roman perspective against the historical protest of Jews being against foreign colonization and domination. Follow the money to Rome and we have the villains who wrote the NT to benefit them over the masses of the people.