Black Poetry : tattered past

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    through the years girlz hav been my downfall
    a few hav done me wrong but i can't blame them all
    my momma says all girlz are the same
    well, i figure that if they are , then that's a shame
    see, i know that all women aren't alike
    i've crossed a few that i wouldn't mind bein' my wife
    at first i thought that it was me
    but then i was wrong
    i did all that i could to make relationships strong
    i had one girl who said that i never showed her enough love
    but she wanted me to be strapped on her like a batting glove
    my ex said that i was the perfect man
    i don't know about that but i do what i can
    she said that i made her feel warm affection
    and that's why deep down we still have a connection
    nothin' but pain has come to me dealing with females
    i'm just happy that i haven't kissed the floor of a jail cell
    womens hearts, i've been stealin'
    not for sexual healin', but for buildin'
    something strong as a fort
    but relationships are alot of work
    can't you just love someone and make thingz last
    i need proof because of my tattered past