Africa : Tatooing your man's name on your body is an 'ancient' West African tradition?

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    I had the pleasure of taking care of a sick elder today, a West African woman (Nigerian), who happened to be from OYO state-which is the same region my late father hails from. When i noted what looked to be tattoos of words(not the typical tribal marks, she had those as well), names and some words in ancient Yoruba that even i didn’t even understand on her skin: along side her arms and chest area.

    Since we had a good rapport going, I decided to be nosy and ask about them( she and I were talking about our common backgrounds- me about my father and his peoples’, and she the same)....she obliged my nosiness by giving me a brief history of this tradition as it relates to the Ibandan/Oyo peoples of Nigeria. She said: ''Oh whenever a man and a woman get married where i'm from, they tattoo each others names on their bodies'' she went on to say ''this is my husband’s name, and a few of Orikis(words of praise) related to his name and lineage....i thought that so cool- as you all know we have this tradition in the West, where peopletattoo their significant other's names on their bodies for whatever reason…. so to think this tradition might date back to West African is truly mind blowing...i will research this more and report back if i find anything ..

    just figure i would share this with the members, this was coolest thing that happened to me today, other seeing this same elder go home well less sick than when she came in....

    BTW I had the feeling the whole time I was with her that I was in present of a atruly spiritual woman, a IYANLA-great mother if you will….