Black Poetry : Taste strange place and arrange spoons on the tables soon able to eat some cornflakes and their grea


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May 11, 2006
Taste strange place and arrange spoons on the tables soon able
to eat some cornflakes and their great plus butter a bagel
use a napkin while rapping just happen to wipe my mouth
begin with CNN get my warning every morning down south
things a little slow and in the middle of snow we stop driving
roads and schools closed to the tune of two inches surviving
through winter, try be cool when with high school friends
a trip down memory lane try explode in this mess no ends
to the high road of success, look a short letter is a note with
all sorts of clever quotes and prevail hot in the mailbox gift
to the reader, took a long walk shook heard the wrong talk
while on a hike now my brain wiry my main diary wrote in chalk
blush with thrill it's hard to crush a pill between two spoons while
a true tune on CD, he met a girl was rushing to flow but news came
as a crushing blow you see she has a boyfriend disappointed his game
so he washed and squashed cans for recycling, oh he wanna squeeze
her waist affectionately kiss her lips and get some wet tongue seize
the moment” “NAW PLAYER she flirt at ease with expertise and these
boys want some she try clear her head her very thoughts gone loco
but its cloudy, flirt try attract boys work with pie facts annoys no
hot intentions not to mention the cutie twerk, booty work and go
shower with soap and like a powerboat ready to float on creeks
as her quotes speak boys think it's dope to go deep ouch! He's street
she's here in her usual hairstyle this is a musical affair gone wild
well she's a Brown Soul Sista with sweaty thighs been home awhile
now out and about to shop til she drop, now this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH, his plan is ill but at a standstill he plan to stop
and thrill her with kisses, lips sweaty and red now get ready for bed
this affair worry me some so I had therapy done oh much love talk fed
to my brain, know this is Black Hip Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH BUT ,misled
by trick words slick and absurd they quick like birds in the sky nerds
want pie, “I REMEMBER I was at FOOD LION I'm sweet boys thirst in herds
must speak first with words, no doubt this been an affair out of thin air
title ballistic like vital statistics her arrival been ballistic boys declare
survival don't get this twisted want an affair best not risk it body soft
like a KFC biscuit my code hot like roadblocks travel on gravel with boss
load of rocks like dump trucks you ready to pump it up and possibly toss
my panties on the floor above the rim and chill see a boy body slim build
ready to party with him and chill

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