Black People : Tank to Join El Debarge and Troop in Bronx Concert

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    I had the opportunity to interview singer, songwriter, producer TANK, who appears with Troop and El Debarge at Lehman Center for the Performing Arts as part of the Rhythm of the Night concert on Sat. Nov. 19th at 8pm.

    Tank's birth name is Durrell Babbs. Although folks think he earned the name Tank via weightlifting, in actuality it was his grandmother's pet name for him as a child. Tank who grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Clinton, Maryland took to music around age 5. His debut solo album, Force of Nature in 2001, went gold and topped Billboard’s R&B chart, featuring the hit singles “Maybe I Deserve” and “Slowly.” His album "One Man," successfully followed-up the next year containing the hits “One Man” and “Let Me Live.” In 2007, his 3rd release Sex, Love & Pain, earned 2 Grammy nominations and included the hit “Please Don’t Go.” He has also composed, produced and performed songs with Aaliyah, Dave Hollister, Brian McKnight, Jamie Foxx, Donell Jones, Ruben Studdard and Chris Brown. His album Now or Never featured Chris Brown on the tune “Foreplay”, and he again worked with Brown on the single “Lonely” on Tank’s #1 album How I Feel. In 2013, along with Tyrese and Ginuwine under the moniker TGT, he released the album Three Kings, which debuted at #3. His 6th album, Stronger, rose to the #1 R&B spot in sales. 2016 saw Tank release Sex, Love & Pain II featuring the songs “You Don’t Know” (with Wale), “Already In Love” (with Shawn Stockman) and “#BDAY” (with Chris Brown and Siya).

    For those who are interested in catching Tank live, they can attend the Rhythm of the Night concert in The Bronx, NY, which also features Troop and El Debarge. Tickets can be purchased by calling 718-960-8833 or online at

    To hear my show with Tank see: