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    By Andre Austin

    Time to tell the truth

    The Negro celebrity:
    By Eldridge cleaver
    “One tactic by which the rules of America have kept the bemused millions of negroes in optimum subjugation has been a conscious, systematic emasculation of negro leadership. Through an elaborate system of sanctions and rewards, penalties, and persecutions-with, more often than not, members of the black bourgeoise (upper class blacks) acting as hatchet men-any negro who sought leadership over the black masses and refused to become a tool of the white power structure was either cast into prison, killed, hounded out the country, or blasted into obscurity and isolation in his own land and among his own people. His isolation was assured by public boycotts alternated with character assassination in the mass media, and by fratricidal power plays of uncle toms who control the negro community on behalf of the white power structure”.-Soul on Ice.

    The name of the game is to discredit, dissect and dumb down.

    Middle class and upper class blacks, (not all) don’t care about black kids doing well or poor in school. They are only concerned about making money off these poor kids. They make them prisoners in their own schools. Carter G Woodson claimed in his classic The Misseduction of the Negro that lynching first starts in the Schools. The lynching of the mind.

    Black ministers are keepers of the lie. Egyptian priests educated Jewish priests and that’s how we got the Genesis and others stories. As a matter of fact if Moses wouldn’t of contracted leprosy he would have remained a priest at Heliopolis and we wouldn’t of had the Hebrew religion as it is now. The Bible crated two diversions concerning Moses to explain away in indoctrination was very deep. 1 to Hebrew priests say Moses wasn’t circumcised. All Egyptian priests had to undergo the Osiris ritual of circumcising. Moses original name was “Son of Osiris”. 2nd To hide the fact Moses had caught leprosy and was thrown out the Egyptian priesthood they claimed Moses performed a magic trick of turning his had white like leprosy. Moses wore a veil over his face because of leprosy. We wouldn’t have received the Bible as is if Moses wouldn’t have got sick and left the Egyptian religion to form a new Hebrew/Egyptian religion. To deny black people had helped form the doctrines and philosophy of the Bible is clearly carrying the torch of white supremacy-black or white ministers.

    Civil Rights:
    There was a Rosa Parks before Rosa Parks. Other women were miss treated on the bus in 1955 but Civil Rights leaders didn’t want to help them because they gave birth out of wedlock and had alcoholism in the family. This is character defects we call Ghetto today. Go back into the late 1980’s where Denzel Washington stared in A Soldiers Story. It details black on black hatred because one private was from the south and had outdated mannerism that the Black Sgt despised and plotted against him. This sounds like Cosby hating on ebonic sounding names. Imagine a white politician not embracing the culture of the country. Civil Rights was first designed to protect black votes for white politicians who would rule over them like gods coming down from high mountain tops. Black/White politician now represent not people but corporations. We have an allusion to democracy. Deceived because you can cast a ballot.

    President Obama makes a joke about being responsible for feeding the world. If Africa was given technical advisers and seeds they could feed themselves with all the land they have over there. They could then produce a surplus and make money on the international market. No civilization can advance until they produce in surplus to sell to other markets. Poor people in America skip exercise because it creates hunger and a need to replenish spent calories. Poor people in America live off of $6.66 cents per day Just divide $200 dollars into 30 days per month. And 1 billion around the world starve off of $2 or less.

    Rush Limbaugh:
    If Rush would have owned an NFL team the black players wouldn’t revolted. They would ran on the field, bent over and got paid their millions. Like Ice Cube said in Higher Learning: “Run ***** run”.When President Obama wrote his famous “Audacity of Hope” book he stated: “If Rush Limbaugh’s listeners enjoy hearing him call me ‘Osama Obama’, my attitude is , let them have their fun”p.122.

    When the presidents word is given, soldiers take it and run with it. How did a private (police officer) reverse this chain of command. The president called a police officer actions stupid when he arrested the aristocrat Henry Gates. And that white officer launch his assault on the chief law and enforcement commander in the land by building a coalition of police unions to force the president who is in charge of enforcing the laws to stand down and host a peace summit. When blacks are viewed as inferior they consider themselves right whether or not they are right or wrong something like a parent over a child. I couldn’t believe the president backing down to a police officer. An analogy of a private telling a general what to do. We better start grabbing our balls and snatching some collars. Eric Holder, America’s flattest foot (AG) was no where to be heard or seen during this incident. Now president Obama called Kanya West a Jacksass a word exactly the same with stupid. Well it was alright to call a Blackman stupid for standing up for a black woman. Now West is under economic sanctions and isolation. Whites know how to use their power by alliance. Even comics do it. When Conan O’Brien had a run in with NJ Mayor he pretended in a skit to get all the surrounding cities of NJ to join in on a royal toilet flush. I guess he felt he had diarrhea of the mouth. Whites fight in packs like wolves do when their hunting for a meal.


    Mexicans are worthy of human rights. The right to food, medical care, shelter, clothes here in America no matter what their status is. However, illegal aliens do not have the human right to take away jobs from American citizens. We are not animals and treat each other as such. Only a savage nation tells a person after he/she gets sick “pre existing condition, no health insurance for you buddy”. How in the world were they allowed to get away with it for so long? We are the only country in the world practicing barbarism. Money trumps the salvation of your soul. In America your soul is nothing but a commodity. Mexicans are like what blacks were when we were slaves. We worked for nothing without citizenship. Mexican cheap labor is wanted without the strings of citizenship attached. The volume is a 20 million person problem. Who is gonna take the weight?
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    The fact of the matter is that appointments and policies permanently
    put in place at the beginning of the year regarding;
    Civil Rights,
    Law and Order,

    have set in stone the policies of the previous regime