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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    I now fully understand the axiom, " Talking is cheap " because anybody of age can do that, talk that is, and most Time it is the tongue that is given free range to wiggle, without even having to Think about what the tongue is talking about and when the Mind is not in control of the tongue, it just verbalize just what the senses present to it to talk about and it is the Talking that describe the Black World, because it only cost tongue to become active without the guidance of the Mind, with the senses being more in control of what Black people verbalize.

    Therefore, Talking Freedom is not relative to Mental Freedom and it is the Mind that direct the Body, so if the Mind is Thinking Freedom, the body go into action to complete the cycle of being Free.

    So I guess, up unto this Time in the Black Life and in view of the Black World condition, it can be reasonably said that Black Folks are choosing the cheap way to Freedom, which only cost an effort to speak empty words of Freedom and as the old saying goes, Talk is cheap, and Black folks buys a lot of Talk, meaning we have chosen the most inexpensive path to a Freedom that is full of Talk and no action, with the sense of Black people verifying that the present condition of the Black World, is because we allow senselessness to Trump mindfulness when Freedom is at stake, concerning the Black World.

    Talking without the guidance of a profound Divine Mind is like having Clouds without Rain, the Mind become scorched, the making of becoming a Desert, barren to the growth of profound thoughts, ideas, having a lack of Vision and Dreams, stuff that Freedom is made of, to a People being held in Captivity.

    Talking Senseless People, in a state of dependency, have the tendency to look at such a condition from a sensual and irrational emotional perspective, and people that only look at their condition, seem to rather talk about the condition rather than See and Think about the deplorable condition that we found ourselves to be in, and such a description fit the Black World, because for over Three Thousand Years the Black World has been in a Childlike condition in the world and such a condition get no respect from those that have played a part in securing our Childlike position in the world for us Black Folks, and all we do is just talk about the strain that such a position bring upon the disrespected childish condition we Black Folks now find ourselves in, and the only motivation we have, by our reacting to our condition and position of disrespect, is to Talk about our condition, and based on the fact of the Black Condition in the World today, we have yet to Profoundly Think about our Black Condition in the World today, because if we had, such a condition the Black world find ourselves in the world today, would not be.

    You can not confine a Thinking people and even if such a circumstance should arise, the mind of a Thinking people will always be at work to free the Mind body, using any means to do so.

    When a people have been taken into bondage, captivity, the Pure Mind of such a people will know who and what was the cause of their Life Troubles and those people will know that just as they were placed into captivity, then the same way is required for us to become Free, but it is the not Thinking people that talk all the time about our condition and some end up telling the others that our present condition is not so uncomfortable and they proceed to make comparison with others that are living in uncomfortable condition and we become pleased with the condition we are in, as we look at other Black Folks worse condition and say, our condition is not so bad.

    When a people that are not free begin to justify our oppressed condition and love to talk about what they have been allowed to accumulate by the possession of material things, and compare that to be a sign of freedom, then you shall know the whole of those people are in deep trouble, because we will be in the midst of a Divided people, some knowing that their Life is not Free and some to have resolved to talk of themselves as being Free and that is the talking that is cheap.

    Where there has been a United Divine Black Nation at once upon a Time and now in this Time, that once Black Nation is no longer united and Divinely Free, know that the Environment of those people, is not the environment that they once had established for their Life to live, and if you are in an environment whereby you have to depend upon somebody else other than yourselves for a Living condition, complying to rule of Laws that you played no part in establishing, and I speak of a Constitution created by the people who is to be govern by such constitutional instructions, then know that you are a people living under a constitution not created by you and you having no power or authority in such an environment and you have been the object of repute, disrespect, persecution, oppression and a created Racism against you, then know that you are not Free, and that you are in an environment that is hostile toward you, and you having had not one hand in creating such an environment.

    So, is it not logical to conclude that Black people need to begin to talk not about freedom or the lack thereof and get about the responsibility to begin Thinking about our Freedom with an intention of putting those Thoughts into action, so that we may once again place ourselves in such a condition whereby we will become the creators of our own Environment and be the creators of our own independent Constitution that will be the document that will govern our Life Living, and I say, not until such an opportunity become the Black Reality, we will continue to live the life of a depended child, Talking about Freedom, better life advancement, and opportunities, begging the oppressors to take a more firmed action in treating us with respect, as we live in an environment that is not of us Black people.

    As long as Black people remain in america, exposed to the condition we now experience, and in our Talk it serve to say that we Black folks are all right, and is satisfied with our present condition, yet claim we can be better, rather than to Think of our freedom to become in charge of our own self established Environment, returning to our First way of acknowledging GOD, Universe, and Our Black selves, I say, not until such become the driving and guiding force of the Mind of Black people, then we will remain a cheap talking people, having no desire to Think Freedom, away from the very people that have capture and oppressed us for over four hundred years, yet we still hold to hope that those people will change and treat and accept us as their equal in the Right to life opportunities, such a belief is of a Talking and not Thinking People.

    It cost to Think, because profound Divine Thinking by a people that are out of their environment will not be able to rest until their freedom become more than just talk and that is why Black people seem to be stuck in a Time Warp, it prevent you from Thinking rationally and prompt you to not be active in pursuit of Freedom, because in the present Black people condition, we settle for what ever is given to us and we treat it as freedom, as we talk our way further into oppression and depression, claiming that God is soon to come and save a people that have resolved to talk cheap and believe, and not know.

    We rather not to act expensively in behalf of our Freedom, because the cost is to Think, as we do not want to accept the Divine truth, which is, Black People will only experience the Freedom of Life which our First Way Ancestors Lived, in that place referred to as Afrika, and any place other than that, will be wishful wanting by Black people, as we appear to want to be any place other than that place we now refer to as Afrika, which serve as a sign of a lost Black Nation, we now not knowing whom we are, while settling to Talk cheap concerning our Freedom and to Think not about our Freedom.

    Jena Six will require more than talking prayer, it is going to take concentrated mentitation ( meditation ) and such an act is to be followed by spirited physical action, in order to dramatize with a vengeance, our opposition to what is the america modus operandi, which is disrespecting Black People and having Justice to be in full vision, when violating the Rights of Black folks, not just in america but every where we Black folks are.

    The Jena Six is no different from the Darfur oppression that is going on in Sudan and other acts of oppression against Black People everywhere we are in this world, we should become furious at all Black persecution and oppression, acted out by the Racist Prejudice elements of the Human Being World, which come now, in all shades, shape and sizes, so tell me where is the Black so call leadership, why have they not ran to the Jena Six Rescue ?

    To deal appropriately with this, what I consider to be a Major problem regarding the Jena Six, such a serious matter will have to be dealt with not with cheap Talk but must be dealt with up close and personal, I mean like Thousands of Black folks descending in Louisiana where the Jena Six is being offered up as Sacrifice in the honor of Racism, Prejudice, and a wide eyed open injustice that is being carried out against Six of our Young Warriors, and all we can do is talk and Pray ?

    Talking is Cheap, but a Profound Mind require action of the Body Spirit, that mean Physical action, up close and personal at the scene of the Crime.

    Time is now out for dry talking, waiting on a God that is not known by Black Folks, so we proceed to call on the Human Being God to come save the Jena Six, the same God this Racist element has gotten the approval to obstruct the Lives of these young Black warriors.

    Beloved, it is going to take more than Talk to save the Jena Six, it will require Minds in Action with bodies mobilized and Minds seen in action.

    The Divine Truth, Black People Despise The Divine Truth, Such action is what prolong the agony of Black People, In This Evil World

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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