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Oct 13, 2006
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Let's pretend for a moment that you did indeed "invent" or create yourself. Let's say prior to being born through your Parents, you implanted your design into your Mother, bringing with you certain clues about your life cycle here on Earth. Now perhaps you wouldn't choose to fill your brain with this information. So where would you put it?


On the palm of your hands.

Palmistry is said to be a very ancient African science, that was as native to the spiritual and occult world of that time as astrology and even numerology. Some would call it a form of psychoanalysis. Unless you've had a real palm reading that was accurate, most likely this subject is like Charlatans selling snake oil.

I've studied the metaphysics behind palmistry long enough to know that reading the Human palm is as crazy as reading pig or goat intestines, tea leaves or the stars as divination guidance into the future. Also known as "Cheiromancy" the Palmists of today like being called Hand Analyst for more of a professional effect.

Some Analysts claim there is a "V" mark on the palms of most homosexuals, indicating that homosexuality is actually inherited, this would also be a clear sign if true that our palms reveal genetic markers for those that can read them.

No wonder some people throw stones and hide their hands. Perhaps they are afraid of what this science would reveal about them.

What is more interesting are some of the ideas well-seasoned Hand Analysts hold about people and life in general. You see because they talk to the hand and can easily weed out the lies from the truth- which might be literally in the palms of our hand.

It is said that it was from the study of palms that Ancients occultists learned the concrete truths about Humankind in general. What we call karma is basically baggage, things we don't let go of, because we believe it is part of us- like that old letter or poem written by someone in a distant past. And because we come into the world with this baggage, we create our destiny using an old script. This is why our palms are also called blueprints for the soul.

My own personal spin on it is that Palmistry is a type of "brain mapping" - there is also a reason why most religions teach people to ground themselves by kneeling and speak into their hands. I would liken the lines on our hands to a circuit board. In that case, when we pray into our hand, we would be talking directly into our brains.

If that seems like an odd theory keep in mind there is more to our hands than just reading them. Hands are also used as healing tools. The left hand receives energy, the right hand sends energy out. Professional Reiki healers are very serious about their craft, it is not an art form. The laying of warm hands over the head is especially effective for a headache. Again, there is a clear relationship between the energy in hands and the energy of the brain.

We applaud something that is acceptable by clapping. The effect of this is also simulating for the brain, just as drumming and even writing is. Most people don't write letters anymore by hand, but when we did- we were actually more alert because all writing, painting and illustrating are also brain exercises.

The hands are able to generate incredible levels of magnetism something that is still being studied in science. Chi energy is also harnessed through the hands. There is a connection also with dowsing for energy, which was used by Africans as well through the ankh. It is possible that re-wiring the brain is as simple as carrying an ankh that redirects the magnetism of body from the hands?
That's an excellent practice Bro. Street So'ja. There are all types of meditations that include holding the hands out towards the sun. Some Yoga Masters do this to charge up their Chi. This is also true for fire as well, holding your hand over a flame "comfortably" will charge the aura.

Neurologist Frank R. Wilson makes an interesting case in his book "The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture" suggesting that how we use our hands could be a gateway to intelligence as well.

It could be why so many expect the world to change at the click of a mouse.

As an Artist that still does allot of illustrating and sketching by hand, I would also admit a stronger feeling of "completion" verses a day of wasted time when I've been doing more creative activity with my hands. While typing is also activity, I would not compare it to what our Ancestors were doing, like farming, basket weaving, constructing homes, clothing and designing cultures with their hands.

I remember when I was dating a Sistah years ago, and one Saturday she took me to an African braiding shop so she could get some mircobraids. I was huffing and puffing, because I didn't want to sit there for 4-5 hours while she got these braids weaved into her skull. She reassured me that it wouldn't take more than 1 hour. I said that was impossible. I've seen Women with microbraids and I knew it looked too intricate and detailed for it to take only an hour. She convinced me to sit there anyway.

She sat in the seat and 3 African Sistahs ran out of nowhere and got busy. It was like watching them change tires out as Nascar. There is so much mastery that African people take for granted. I've never seen anything like that in my life. The hands of these Women were like tiny robots going to work. And sure enough, I would say a little over an hour- perhaps an hour and 15 minutes they were finished.

Sometimes I wonder if African people even pay attention to what our hands can do, because we can do some much. I remember a Boxer that once fought Mike Tyson said Mike ran into the ring and hit him so hard he felt like someone smacked him in the face with a locomotive. The energy in Mike Tyson's hands is the same energy that is mastered by martial artists.

It would be hard to imagine Mike Tyson as a Professor of Physics. Sure, not the visual we are use too. But he is, because what he is teaching us is how "force" can be harnessed through the hands. Mass is energy and so is information. It's very rare that we "translate" our information/thoughts into energy that manipulates the force/chi. But let's think about it. Would a Boxer like Mike Tyson think beautiful thoughts about his opponent before a fight? And why not? It is obvious in boxing that a fighter is better off thinking thoughts that channel up the energy for him to fight that opponent. Ali did the same thing. Talk about their Mother. Spit insults at their Wife etc.

In several interviews Mike Tyson has commented he often visualizes himself pushing his opponents nose up into their brain. It is this information that is translated from his brain and into his fists, creating raw energy that then manipulates the chi energy around him. This is also how martial artists punch through bricks with no problem.

With that in mind, let's go back to prayer, palmistry and the concept of the palms as a circuit board. If our thoughts can be transmitted from the brain through the hands, is the opposite also true? Can thoughts/information be translated through the hands and into the brain?

Well, isn't that the case with most forms of healing that require touch? How about in the psychic field when a psychic touches an object and gets a reading from it about it's owner? What about the ritual of "placing our hands on the bible" swearing to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?


The left hand receives energy/information- the right hand does what? Sends it out.

As an experiment, get out a book- open it without looking at what page it is on. Rub over that page with your left hand with your eyes closed, make sure you are in a meditative state with low noise. Most likely you will start seeing flashing of images, if you can recognize them- they will relate somehow to whatever is on that page in the book. And if so- what does that mean?
Lol @"It was like watching them change tires out as Nascar".

Well, isn't that the case with most forms of healing that require touch? How about in the psychic field when a psychic touches an object and gets a reading from it about it's owner? What about the ritual of "placing our hands on the bible" swearing to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

The left hand receives energy/information- the right hand does what? Sends it out.

Have you ever observed babies and noted how at a certain age, it almost seems as though they are processing information via their hands. By this I mean, they grasp an object, but as soon as it leaves their grasp, it ceases to exist lol.

But I digress, what you say about the left hand is interesting because I read once how healers should always run their hands under cold water following a session to cleanse away any energy absorbed from the ailing person.

I often worry about this because when I am dealing with patients, I often tend to reach out with my left hand and rub their shoulder, or arm in an effort to show sympathy or impart some comfort. I sometimes wonder if this will work against me in the long run. I hope not. I think people underestimate the value of human contact, especially if you are ill, elderly and alone in hospital.

Needless to say, I shall most certainly purchase that book by Frank R. Wilson.

Ps - MetaS, You are a fan of Numerology right? If you have not already done so, please look into "Book of Numbers” by Cheiro.



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