Black Entertainment : Talk Show With Ananda Lewis: Will it Work?


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Mar 19, 2001
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Recently, when the networks announced their new fall schedules, King World Entertainment, (the producers of OPRAH [before her own company formed], Geraldo, Sally Jesse Raphael and Montel Williams) have decided to give Ananda Lewis a talk show. Ananda, a Howard University graduate and former host of BET's TeenSummit and MTV's hottest host, has been slated to be "the OPRAH of Generation Y". Anada was reported as saying,

"I'm sick of seeing a 15-year-old girl giving paternity test to 5 guys to find out who the baby's father is. And no one talks about how at 15 she's had five sexual partners that could have gotten her pregnant because she wasn't protecting herself."

She also said that she'll have to do a more responsible, sensitive type of show or she wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

With the increasing number of shows popping up over the last ten years, with two new arrivals this year (Ananda and Iyanla Vanzant), how long do you feel it will take to lower the bar on standards of these shows that others fell prey to (Tempest ledsoe and many more) in order to stay on the air? Does society really want to address the issues (like Montel vaguely and OPRAH) or would society rather enjoy the proverbial "gutter dragging" of the more popular shows (Ricki Lake, Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Jenny Jones)?

Also, can a talk show starring another black host compete in today's arena? Despite the succes of OPRAH and Montel, is there room for another? I know there are a lot of questions but they all tie into each other. Just curious about your opinions...

Kemetstry, I posted thsi one here because I am seeking answers from all views. Hope you don't mind...
thanks bro...

that's exactly my point "if she pans out..." With the level of rejects on the pile of early departure from the talk show scene, just how long do you think she will last (in that particualr arena)?

there have been so many attempts to "clone" the OPRAH phenom, but all have failed. Ricki was designed to reach the "younger, more urban audience" but in turn ended up a "man hating club." Tempest Bledsoe was also an attempt which failed in a fiery blaze of shame. Rosie o'Donnell has tried but her audience is more late night talk show than midday. For the record, i don't have time to sit at home and watch these shows but over the years i have noticed a trend.

Kem, do you think it's possible to clone what OPRAH accomplished? I often wonder....
true. much respect...

point taken. feel that there is a need for a african american "icon" (lightly used) n order to continue the work of OPRAH as well as many others who are seeking to take the forefront of diversity. I would hope the heir to her work will arrive soon, if they are not here already...

thanks for your voice...
Who Knows

Yes, Oprah has been talking about leaving and she probably will. Who will be the next Oprah? Who knows? Ananda? Lyla? I can't tell. It is hard to judge who can pull the kind of muscle together as Oprah nor do they have that type of drive.

Still, trying to predict the American public in the area of talk shows is a best a guessing game. Oprah also has a large crossover appeal which means that any African American taking her place will also need to generate that same appeal or they will always be a black host with a black show. On the other hand smut sells. No one has gone broke underestimating the stupidity of large portions of the American public some of who seem to be unable to get enough of low-brow scum entertainment.

Who will be next? I don't know but it will be someone with crossover appeal and someone who can appeal to the coming 30-40 generations.


thanks for the post and the insight. I agree with you but my question stills rings strong...We have been speaking and describing who the next one should be but i'm wondering will Ananda be strong enough not to sell out to the "smut sells" concept that has destroyed many a talk show host careers. Two have made the most of both ends of the spectrum. OPRAH has taken the over 30 generations while Springer has taken the younger more "shock oriented" crowd. Now if you fit into the younger crowd, BY AGE ONLY don't take this personal for all the latest talk shows are focussing on the younger viewers, the REALITY, MTV viewers...

Will Ananda be the next OPRAH for the younger crowd? Let's see...


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