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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris:

All show and no substance, that is what the so call Black Afrikan has become in the World, gaining a reputation of being full of irrational emotions and nothing but Talk about what we Want and never about what we need to desire, which is our Liberation away from America and wherever else we are on this Planet that is not Afrika, yet the Talking Afrikan without the action of Liberation , have not the Mind that is capable to guide and Motivate such need for such an action.

For over Five Thousand Years the Life of the so call Black Afrikan has been a Life full of Pain, Misery, and Division, principles that are made to keep a once Divine so call Black Afrikan without the Knowledge of Self and without such Divine Knowledge, the so call Black Afrikan remain Dumbfound about whom we are, which prevent us from having Respect with dignity for ourselves, a Life condition that the Evil of the World has placed us so call Black Afrikans in today.

We now have developed a notion to become in a state of denial as to who caused our fall and now we have become so protective of those responsible for our Life present condition, until we do not have the want to be reminded, and when those of us come along and point a condemning finger at those responsible for Afrika present condition and the Ignorance we have of our selves, the Weak minded has the audacity to cry in anger against those of us who have decided that we will always point to the evil that has caused the Mental Illness of the so call black Afrikan, an illness that has the Victim claiming responsibility for being victimized, calling it Blame Game, when the Evil against us is being pointed out, and you tell me that is not the Spirit of a foolish Afrikan ?

All Talk about the injustice we receive without a soloution to the Problems we so intelligently Talk about, all is no more than an exercise in futility, a life action that the so call Black Afrikan has learned to be Comfortable with, while in our Discomfort, a state of Mind that prevents us from being qualified to know the solution to the Talking Problems we articulate every day of our Miserable Lives, we as a people that have been made to become more individual than collective united, a recipe for verified diaster for the so call Black Afrikans, we who just Love to hear our own self do nothing but Talk about what we Want the oppressors to do for us and never what we need to do for ourselves, in the way of solving the problems that have been placed upon our Lives.

The Solution for the so call Black Afrikan Lies on the Eastern part of this Planet, the Land we now refer to as Afrika and all of our Action should be about getting back to where our Life upon this Planet began, but with the Profane Mind that now dictate to our Life, we are not qualified to know and understand why it is imperative for the so call Black Afrikan to be able to Solve the problems that now plauge our Lives today.

There is a Sacred and Spiritual Cosmic significance as to why the Land now Known as Afrika must be completely occupied by the so call Black Afrikan again, yes, you did once occupied and served the Land now referred to as Afrika, Completely and alone, and what make that part of the Earth so Spiritually significant is that it is the Land where the Gods our Cosmic First Way Divine Ancestors First Land to walk the Land of this Planet, but no, you rather believe that we came from some stale and stagnet pond on this planet, all because the white man told you so, how foolish we Afrikans have become today.

We rather know nothing about such the Time when the Land Mass of that area where Afrika is, when it was surrounded by Water and the action of Pangeia had not yet occurred and then it happen, it was as if the Divine Essence was forecasting to us what was to become of the Children of the Gods, so Queen Mother Earth began to Quake as if to become awake from a Long Slumber and as She Quaked Alive, the Waters began to move with such great force to the degree it began to Divide, separate, and Push the Land Mass that was once One, to now be located to the Four Cardinal Points of the Planet, but not without leaving a sign of whom the Gods of this Planet once were and they are to have been known by the fact of the Large concentration of the Children of the Gods that now still reside upon the First Land which Held the First World that stood upon this Planet, which is now referred to as Earth.

Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

Yet here we so call Black Afrikans, we have been split asunder and made to speak Myraids of different Languages, no longer knowing our First Tongue and now have acquired the identity of our Divider and oppressors, they whom are the Master Luciferian, the Devils of Lies and Deceit of the Children of the Gods, you who can not even imagine the level of your Divinity that has been taken away from you, as we now function under a Mind that is not ours, a Mind that have us to do nothing but Talk about the Problems that squeeze our Life Energy away from us, we now having no clue as to what the solution to our Problems are, not until Now, the Time which the Divine Truth has arrived back to the Children of the Gods, which can only be known and understood by those who now are in motion of reclaiming the Divine Mind left to us by the Gods of this Planet, we now being the Children of those gods, we who have been made to go astray from our First Love, which is ourselves.

Beloved, it is evident that the so call Black Afrikan, you who carry the DNA of your Godly Ancestors, do not know what it is we must do to Save the Black World, because you see the Planet, it will Live its assigned Time out, because What the Divine Essence has Produced, Only the Divine Essence can reduce, so our obligation upon this Planet is to Save the Black so call Afrikan World, its inhabitants being of the Children Of The Gods, they gone to become made to be Human Beings, Children of Lucifer, they that are beariers of theFalse Light ( Knowledge ) which has conquered the Mind of the Children of the gods, now known as the so call Black Afrikan Human Being, and we no longer are the Divine Beings of our Mother and Father of this Planet.

Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

To Talk about our need for Justice, Freedom, Independence, Liberation, and Action does not follow with Compliment to such Talk, then such Talk is that of a Fool, because Talk without Action is Dead, serving no good but to keep the Talkers Ignorant about Whom they are and what they need to do to Save the Black World, the First World on this Planet, and such a saving will have a Divine Changing to take place among the other Worlds upon this Planet.

Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

The Question Is Not Do You Agree With That, But Do You Know And Understand That, Which Require For You To Be Qualified To Do Divine Reasoning, Beloved.

To Talk All Of The Time, Leave No Time For Meditative Divine Rational And Logical Reasoning, and without those Three Jewels Of Divine Intelligence, all that we do is Profane, regardless of in what Form we present our Talking points about the status of our Lives.

It Is The Fool That Talk all Of The Time And It Is The Fool Who Say That The Universe Has No Meaning To The Fool, When In Fact The Universe Is The Embodiment Of Time and It Is Time That Talk To You Beloved, Meaning That The Universe Is Always In Communication With You, Even If You Are Not In Communication With It, so I ask you, What is The Real Time, Today.

Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

Can you Understand That It Is Time For The Children Of The Gods to Talk As Well As Act To Change The Mind That Now Hold Us Captive, Preventing us From Knowing Our Selves, Which Prevent Us From Doing What Is Necessary To Have Afrika To Be Afrika Again And The First World To Become United Again, The First World being The Children Of The Gods, They Who Were First To Walk This Planet, Eon Time Ago As Divine Beings And not Human Beings ?

Can you Understand That, Beloved ?

It Is The Fool Full With Ignorance, That Despise The Divine Truth Not To Be Told About A People Now Referring to Themselves As So Call Black Afrikan Human beings !!!

Be Kind to your selves, Beloved

Chief Elder
Hello Brother Osiris...
Finally...Someone is listing I have been saying for some time now that talk is cheap...yes all great ideas start as just that and idea..but without any actions it can say what you want to say about the elders of the movement...bad, good, or indifference but they did have action to fellow behind all the talk they...we...did. They set footsteps for others to follow. It has been said that they dropped the ball.. I say that u have all type of history to see they left behind a road map for the future...and it is not their fault that those same ones that say the ball was dropped ..cant seem the read the map...

I have more to say but for now I'll leave it here.........

Don't stop DJ....keep on elaborate some more plz!

Brother "O" Keep it coming I want you to elaborate some more also...PLZ!

I do believe you all are more experienced than me and because action is what I am gearing for ...IREALLY DO NEED YOU GUYS INPUT!!!!!!!!!!!


OK sister you want more here it is....The civil right movement in this country was not started by the figure heads you have read and learned about in books and saw on TV. It was started by millions of brothers and sisters saying enough is enough and things have got to change. But all movements need leaders figure heads if u will.....that is how the minsters got was not a religious movement either..but by using minister's as figure heads it gave the movement more power as in "respectability" for fighting in a non-violent domain on their part must remember this, it was mainly to be perceived that they were in the right...and all over the world it was perceived just that way..this is how the pressure was brought down upon this cause as far as the government could really see the movement was "in the right!" Of course they couldn't admit it..but they knew it anyway. So even tho the movement back then is not effective for most in these times of today.... I say some action is better then none at all. And the same road map can work today...just remember 'right is right' and the map is there for those who wish to find it.



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