Nation of Gods and Earths : Taking the devil off the planet!?

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    Peace to the Gods, Earths and positive people of the Universe,

    Today's Supreme Mathematics is Born which means to take something from the stage of thought to the stage of manifested reality. When you Born something you give life to it by making it detectable by the physical senses.

    We have a concept in Allah's Nation regarding taking the devil off the planet. It seems many people fall victim to keeping the devil alive and if you understand our culture you'll realize that we do whatever we can to make the devil irrelevant in our world manifest (taking the devil off the planet).

    One of the cardinal rules of advertising is to not include direct references to your competitor in your own advertisement. To do so is to give free advertisement to your competitor. It betrays that the company paying for the commercial is concerned about the competitor as much as they are concerned about their own product. It diminishes the focus of the advertisement and shares the focus directly with a competitor. Consider the Apple vs PC commercials for a second. You have the stupid looking PC guy always getting clowned by the Apple representative. On the surface it might seem like its a win for Apple...... but consider this. For the dude who knew nothing about computers, he sees this commercial and he's made aware of not only the Apple product, he's also been made aware of the PC (Windows) product. It's called free advertising.

    Now consider how much progressive people (pro-black, back to Africa, Pan African, civil rights activists, righteous, etc., etc.), keep the thought of white people alive by always talking about them. It diminishes the focus of what they're (black people) doing and shares the focus with the perceived importance of white people. If you want to kill the devil all you have to do is deny the devil your power. This is something we constantly remind each other in Allah's Nation. "Concern yourself with what you do and concern yourself less with what the devil is doing. We already know what they're going to do." So as you go about your math, consider your strengths, your power, your greatness, your divinity and forget about them devils. They're nothing compared to you. They think about you daily because they need you to survive. You (the black man and black woman) don't need them and never have.