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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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7 a.m.

Sun rises quietly over the seas
As her rays shine through the
Slightly opened shades and I
See a sparrow singing a song;

I gently pull the covers over
My love’s rested frame being
Gentle not to awaken her as I
Slip on my sandals and robe;

I enter the kitchen to prepare
Her a meal of favorites with
A bowl of fruit and set a place
For her with a fresh cut tulip;

I start her bath as her meal is
Warmed and I pour a little oil
Scented with mandarin in the
Tub and watch the bubbles rise;

I place her meal on her tray as
I hear her step into the tub and
I bring it to her to enjoy as she
Rest quietly in the scented mist;

Good morning love…

9 a.m.

I enter my place of work making
Sure all my tasks for the day are
In place and I stop for a moment
To send her a musical egreeting;

I’m stopped in the restaurant by a
Waitress who brings to me a glass
Of Chardonnay that I didn’t request
“it’s from the ladies at the bar”

I allow the glass to rest at my table
Not thinking twice about consumption
And the one who interrupts me is the one
whom purchases this offer of friendship;

“I saw you sitting alone and I thought
we could share a drink, dinner, maybe
more,” spoke the nervous confident lady,
“Sorry, but my wife would object.”

5 p.m.

rush hour's nice and easy as I turn into
the market to purchase dinner and I see
a set of fresh cut flowers at the end of
the aisle so I pick them up and a card;

I arrive home smiling for her car is
not there so I quickly enter to begin
our meal; I dim the lights and warm a
bath for her so she will be comfortable;

dinner’s almost done when I hear the lock
in the key so I turn on Will Downing with
the remote and meet her at the door with
a smile and a loving gentle embrace;

I take her coat and carry her to the couch,
Slowly removing her shoes as she lays her
Head back on the pillows and closes her
Eyes as I gently rub the tension from her feet;

Dinner’s ready, your bath is warm and I
Shall await you when you are done so
That I may hear the things you wish to
share with me about your day;

she staggers to her feet with her shoes in
hand and as she reaches the entrance of the
bedroom she looks to me and ask, “will you
share this bath with me?”

Taking care of home….


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