Black People : Taking Away Blacks lives with a Stroke of a Pen. The Jena Six

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    The Jena Six


    Are we contributing to the downfall of the Jena Six when we do not contact our local media, via telephone, fax, emails, and ask them why is the Jena Six not aired on the News Media 24/7, like nonsensical so called news that they air. We do not need to say that last part. But do say something that will perhaps prompt them to listen to us.

    Again, I can see this being done if so called leaders like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson would address this to the media. We can not afford to wait for them who are still holding onto their Playas Cards, Black Pretenders, White bred Inside, to do what we need to do that is Divinely right. AL Sharpton, Jesse, and the likes of, I think will not know Truth and reality (same) if Truth came notarized.

    How are we going to help escalate, elevate, levitate the Youth today and thereafter, if we sit idle, comfortable, complacent, no complaints, doing nothing to show our support? We live in a time where we no longer need to physically March. we have technology that will allow our fingers to do the Marching for us.

    All our Black Youths need is the Truth, but they do not see their meteors, Shining Blacks Stars among them being and knowing the Truth.

    Are the Jena Six our brothers, sons, and connected to us? What part of them we are not? Every time a Black person gets a paper cut, we all should feel the pain and suffering.

    SONG: You've Lost That Loving Feeling by the Righteous Brothers

    Video ----

    Many of our Black people have lost that Collective Positive Vibration Oneness with Universe, Nature, Divine Ancestors, and we wonder why we are the way we are, that haven't always been our way, a Once Divine people we once were.

    Righteous brothers: Now it's gone, gone, gone, wooooooh

    Righteous brothers: If you would only love me like you used to do,

    We must expeditiously Embrace, Become One and make Universe, Nature, and Our Divine Ancestors a part of us again.

    Righteous brothers: So bring it on back, so bring it on back, 'Cause it's gone, gone, gone, And I can't go on, no

    Beloved Black sisters and brothers, continue to think we are going to get where we are suppose to be Divinely right without Universe, Nature, and Our Divine Ancestors with us. We could have been where we are suppose to be today had we not separated from Universe, Nature, Divine Ancient Ancestors (within). Dorothy in the wizard Of OZ clicked her heels and she was back in Kansas. We must (action) word, Click our Mind in Reverse back to the Black People whose Core once were as Black as the Divine Perfect night, Meteor Shining Stars. Our Youth depends on us, like Depend Diapers. Extra Support. NOT FOR OURSELVES ALONE. Individuality is selfishness and is not in Divine Harmony, Order, and Balance. Reading the Scriptures on/in the Scrolls in our DNA and there we will find our Way back to our once Divine Right mind-set.

    Musical: Jersey Boys Song: Working My Way Back To You

    Working My Way Back To You Lyrics - Jersey Boys musical

    Working My Way Back To You Lyrics from Jersey Boys musical. Song lyrics for Broadway show. Soundtrack listing.

    Working my way back to you babe
    With a burning love inside
    Yeah I'm working my way back to you babe
    With a happiness that died
    I let it get away, paying every day

    Flip the lyrics:
    Working our black minds back to the
    Ancient Ancestors
    With a Ball of Fire inside
    Yes, we are working our way back to the
    Ancient Ancestors
    With a Joy that died from lies
    We let It get away
    Paying the price every day

    Are we going to remain down with OPP (Oppressor Plan Purpose), or we going to rise up as a people and show these people who said they can take away Blacks lives with a Stroke of a Pen. We as Once Divine Black people, and still can Be again, use to Be One with the One who created/revealer of that same Ink in that pen that is being used by the enemies to destroy us, and that One is DI (Divine Intelligence) the Ink Stroke of Truth and reality that will erase what ever the enemies write about us.

    I encourage ALL to email CNN at Public Information at the below link:

    [email protected]

    The phone numbers to contact CNN Is:

    1 404 827 2600/404 827 2750

    CONTACT US/CNN TV- Anderson Cooper, 360, Investigator Reporter, Nancy Grace, Larry King.

    Command and Demand regardless of the outcome. Flood the CNN Gates with Truth and Reality. JUST DO IT. The peace in knowing you did something helps bring about freedom within.

    What makes us think our children/grandchildren/the generations to come through them will never be subjected to this...and then some? News Flash. Think again. Who/What is the Black people Security? Us, not US, United States, We, Our, Us.

    Many of our Black people love to just be waited on and served. I am feeding us with the information below to contact those that we have a need to know what is going on with us. Will we eat NOW that the Food of Information has been given to us? What excuse do we have for not eating this information full of RAW Vitamins, Truth and Reality?

    We spend a great deal of time on the computer, and what is being asked takes less than a minute.

    We spend a great deal of fussing and fighting each other, and yet when are asked to do something that is Divinely right, we act as though it is a disease, and we have no more energy left.

    We do not know what role the Jena Six will play in our Liberation if we do not Be their salvation.

    It would be in Divine order when we collectively contact CNN...and the likes of. I do expect much more from the Mothers Of Afrika, the Back Womb -genders (females). The ticket we write today for the Jena Six, and all black Youth, they will pay a Grave price, and look at your child right now, and ask. Is my Child next? Is my grand child next?

    It has been said that Black people do not read. That does not apply to all of us, and we do need more to read. Although there are many of us who write, but not enough. Will they say we do not write as well as read, and we have lost our Divine Rhythm-Maat-Tic.

    When are we going to stop putting ourselves, our Black children, and the children not yet born in a To Be Executed position, without putting up a fight? What will be will be. Without Chances, Changes will not come, and the Black life remains the same. LAME.

    For those who live in Fear of someone coming after them for emailing/contacting CNN, News Flash. This system have everything on us already, from Day One of Slavery. We can not hide.

    For those of us who be disobedient:

    "I tried to ignore the things that I knew, only to find that truth will beat the hell out of you." Keita Kenyatta

    We who know Freedom exist, must not rest until Freedom Bell rings.

    For All of you out there who have played a role to help in any way with the Jena Six, and all Youths, I salute and bow to the Divine rightness in you.

    Here is loving you/Afrika

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    Thank you for this post, After Al Sharpton came out against Michale Vic siding with those honkkies at peta I lost all respect for him and russell simon. I will contact these numbers and do my part.
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    Goddess Auset...

    Thank you very much... I too will do my part.