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Feb 19, 2001


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Oct 16, 2003
London, Babylon
Thanks to you all.
I guess I have gotten a valuable lesson out of it though. Seems that the more I follow the rules, the more I lose. I have been faithful to her the 14 yrs, and look where it's gotten me. Maybe I should do as the young folks say and "just do me".
But the thing is, she loves to drink with her family, having parties 3 & 4 times a week, staying out all hours of night/morning, where I don't drink and would rather stay home or go out to someplace that is decent. It is a very large family, but dysfunctional. Infidelity is a common trait with them, as getting pregnant before 18. I chose to maintain a home with values and morals, and that put me at odds with a majority of them.
So in the end, she found someone more like her and her family, because he fits right in.

Brotha Kamau I'm sorry for your pain and I know you've heard it before but time is a great healer. Sometimes in life we wonder why some circumstances can alter our entire lives. Things happen, sometimes even when you dont want them to. Remain true to yourself because if you try to be anything other than what you BE, therein lies a brutal pain of self sabotage and mind destruction. Keep strong my brotha, and walk straight, may the Ancestors bless you!




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Oct 15, 2005
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Brother Kamau47, I am truly sorry for what has happened to you. I really mean it. I can only hope that you and your children find the way to emerge together from this time of grief and sorrow into a circumstance whereby you know you're more blessed and renewed than you were prior to the passing of your marriage.

I can hope that by then, you and your children end up living even closer and stronger in love and concern for each other. This is my well wish for you, Brother Kamau47--that this time of grief and disappointment shall give way and lead you, and your children with you, to the kind of real and powerful love and commitment to each other *as a family* that'll last you and them a whole lifetime.

One Love, and PEACE

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