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Is The Netherlands Racist? You Decide

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    It's not that he isn't on to something, and raises a few issues that should be adressed and actually are. But why doesn't he tell the whole story, why does he leave out the outrage, presecution and sentencing? Why does he translate wrong to make it look a lot worse? Why does he mix in islam? Islam is not a race, it's a choice. Why does he mix in the refugee crisis? That's not a problem of race, that's a problem of military agression by you know who. What about the language? If you move to France you'll have to learn French, if you move to England you'll have to learn English. Is there really not enough racism in the Netherlands to fill a 20 minute video? I don't believe that.

    It's remarkable how much video's about racism in the Netherlands are appearing the last few years, I'm fine with that if they're any good, but usually the examples of racism are very vague, it's a lot about how one feels, and they end with Zwarte Piet as the hard evidence of how terribly racist this country is. It makes me wonder who's agenda they are serving. The Dutch blacks aren't helped with making their country into an example of a racist country by pointing to their slave trade from centuries ago, add the Boers and their apartheid to it, and finish it with the silly tradition of Zwart Piet.

    That makes an easy victim, so it will serve those who want to pick an easy fight in the name of anti-racism, so they can be smug about their effort, enjoying child slave chocolate while watching Obama not speech about the fact that there are more blacks doing forced labour in America than ever during slavery.

    This guy is very positive, maybe he got lucky, it problably helps he's the outgoing type. What certainly helps is that he isn't easily offended. That helps any foreigner, that has to do with what is known as Dutch directness, a eufemism for rudeness. Almost anywhere else, people beat around the bush, watch out for sensitivities, ask questions they don't want to know the answer to out of politeness and sugarcoat about anything. The Dutch don't expect eachother to be offended, no matter how coarse they express their opinion that was not asked for.

    And it is true that there are regions where a black skin is still something that will make you stand out from the crowd. A lot of Dutch white people find a dark skin attractive, others don't, and that's about it for them. They will treat it like hair or eye colour, and will believe that makes them non-racist. So if you expect them to be respectful to American racial sensitivities and tiptoe around it with American politeness, you'll probably get offended. We just don't know how to handle people that slip their long toes under our feet, and don't want to. Bring your thick skin and you'll meet a lot of rude but friendly people.
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