Black Short Stories : T.M.

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    One Nite
    It was chilly out but not quite cold out right, so he pulled up his hood and continued to walk a little faster. He was on the phone talking to a friend out of town and not really paying attention to the direction he was taking. His friend was just chatting, not an intense conversation but it kept his mind off the chilly air as he clutched his pack of candy he had in his pocket, and tucked his head a little further in his hoodie. He knew a shortcut and decided to take it and just as he did he caught the flash of headlights out the corner of his eye. He payed no attention and kept up the conversation with his close friend. The boy was making his way toward his father's house smiling a little, happy to be visiting Florida and seeing his dad and family. It was then he noticed a figure's shadow following him through the shortcut. The boy turned his head slightly and saw that the figure was in fact a grown man on his trail and it seemed he was heading straight toward him. The boys heart started to race and told his friend on the phone that there was someone following him and he didn't know what to do. The man had said something to the boy, but the young man kept walking and acting as if he didn't hear as his heart started pounding. The man yelled out again and this time the boy whirled around and yelled back, wondering what the man wanted with him. The friend on the phone was concerned asking the boy what was going on but the boy didn't answer; instead she heard the man questioning her friend and her friend replying with a question himself. The young man was scared now as the figure grew closer and bigger. The man reached out for the boy and the boy swung blindly trying to hit whoever that was trying to grab for him. There was a scuffle and the phone was disconnected as the man and the boy tussled on the ground. Screams for help echoed through the night and the neighbors peeked out their windows and saw the wrestling match. The young boy was fighting for his life as he pinned his stalker to the ground in an effort to try and get up and get away from this unknown guy. There was a loud BANG and the boy felt hot in the chest and couldn't breathe. He clutched his chest and fell to the ground trying desperately to grab air but he knew it was a fight he wouldn't win. The man got up and was standing over him watching him not saying a word as the boy squirmed one last time and was still. The man took out his phone and called his wife. "Yeah bae, I gottem."