Black People : Symptoms, Reasons, Solutions (3)

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    Who have said to the ones seeing. “You must not see. And to the ones having visions, “You must not envision for us any straightforward things. Speak to us of smooth things; envision deceptive things.”
    Isaiah 30:10

    I respect all my brothers and sisters. Everything I post is for the benefit of our children.

    Since longevity is a measure of the quality of life it shows that these men live better as slaves than as free men. This study is the most definitive justification for a return to chattel slavery yet published.
    Fifty years after the Civil Rights Act and the height of the so called civil rights movement this is the natural result of forced integration into a hostile society. Blacks on average are worse off today than in 1950. As is explained in the above article this is the largest disparity in income since these measurements were taken.


    If the black inmate population was reduced by only one third imagine how many correction officers, police, district attorneys, judges, court officers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other people dependant on prisons for their livelihoods would be out of work. These inmates, like their slave forefathers, are commodities who are keeping a host of otherwise unemployable whites and their negro colleagues with jobs and incomes. In fact these inmates are bought and sold on the stock market just like their forefathers were sold on the auction block. Anyone interested in this fact can go to sister Myra-El for a complete break down.

    This is a racket, pure and simple, with everybody benefiting in this deadly kabuki dance except the poor black victims of these criminals.

    Black people were betrayed by a paid, miscegenated clique of “leaders” who craved “acceptance” by white society. They worked in concert with white businessmen who looted and displaced black businesses through the device of “integration”. This is what the so-called civil rights movement was and it must be taught in our schools. The most pitiful and painful spectacle today is blacks in these affirmative action jobs pretending to be something while their people are being systematically eliminated.


    The conditions these articles describe are the natural result of wasting the talent, industry, innovation, perseverance and hard working qualities of black people chasing a handful of affirmative action jobs in a hostile society instead of building a nation of our own. The foundations were there in the infrastructure built under “separate but equal” and only had to be expanded upon. The main problem was equal treatment before the law and that was what the black people in the South desired. To think these people were stupid enough to believe the white man was ever going to accept them as equals in their workplace is absurd to say the least.

    We must form a movement based on the traditional, conservative values of the black South. We must demand an end to affirmative action, abortion on demand and detrimental portrayals of blacks in the media. We must demand our own schools and our own re-educated teachers. We must re-build our own workplaces. We must support people like Rev. Luke Edwards of Alabama. Only in this way can we hope to save our families, our children and ourselves.