Black People : Symptoms, Reasons and Solutions (2)

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    Who have said to the ones seeing,” You must not see” and to the ones having visions, “You must not envision to us any straightforward things”. Speak to us of smooth things, deceptive things.”
    Isiah 30:10

    I respect my brothers and sisters and I respect myself.

    The Symptoms
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    This should not come as a surprise to anyone reading my posts or just observing their surroundings. The statistics cited in the above article cannot be reversed. The elimination of affirmative action will see the relegation of most blacks to permanent third class citizenship. Combined with the 52+% abortion rate, the fratricidal murder rate and the driving out of blacks from the reclaimed Mexican territories not even the most sanguine of people can deny the eventual return to chattel slavery for black people living in this country.

    The Reasons
    The so-called “Civil Rights Movement” was the device used to divest blacks in the South of the infrastructure they had built and were expanding. A miscegenated class of “leaders” was created to oversee this effort in return for a handful of admissions to overrated, over priced colleges and affirmative action jobs. They orchestrated the breathtaking spectacle of blacks being beaten near to death “integrating” lunch counters. That was a real ”privilege”worth risking your life for. The farce of the so-called “Civil Rights Movement”“has been formally and finally exposed. It is most often cited today by homosexuals and advocates of same sex marriage. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad told us we should be ashamed of trying to force ourselves on people who didn’t want to be around us. What we see today is the natural result.

    The Solution
    An immediate end to abortion on demand. An immediate end to so-called Affirmative Action. A complete boycott and demonstrations against the so-called “black” media i.e. music, magazines, TV shows etc. that depict all blacks as one dimensional thugs and whores. The exposure of so-called black “intellectuals” and advocates of affirmative action. Who is paying them? A commission to determine the origin of the AIDs virus. The re-claiming our NationalTerritory along the lines of “La Reconquista”. The end of so-called “integration” of the public school system. The attempt, foolish at its inception, has proven to be futile because the schools are more segregated than ever. Black teachers should teach black kids. Since most of these indoctrinated teachers are useless they would have to be re-educated. We can ask the Cubans to assist us with this. They have a proven track record of teaching black children to excel in all walks of life and we don’t have to adopt their political system. We need a new movement that concentrates on the traditional, conservative values of the black South. If we can’t be accepted in this society unless we equate same sex marriage with our struggle then we should consider negotiations with white groups who want separation of the races.

    I was born in this country to parents who were the direct descendants of the Africans forcibly brought here as slaves. In the black cemetery near my father’s birthplace in South Carolina, there are tombstones with my forebears names on them dated from the 1880s and other tombstones so old the writing on them is not legible. So I don’t know where in Africa I am supposed to go back to. I have worked all of my life and I have seen the affirmative action game played out. Most of those jobs went to foreigners and white women but the blacks got the blame for it. All the while, I knew it was a scam with the inevitable end in sight. I fought the racists in the streets. The North was worse than the South. You eat while the restaurant is open. The restaurant is now closed. I respect all black people and like the Hon. Elijah Muhammad who said, he cried when he thought of what was in store for them, I too cringe when I see where we as a people are headed.