Black Spirituality Religion : Symbolism and The Math of His Rib


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Dec 3, 2007
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How do you define words? How do you view math? Is it abstract? Is it concrete? It is inflexable?

Most mathematicians fall short because their mind can not accept the fact that not everything is tangible. Also, they don't understand that an absolute truth can not exist, only a half of truth.

Explore your mind. How do you interact with symbolism?

Try a simple "association". The word is "slave". What did you see? If you are a member of the masses then what you envisioned is what they wanted you to. As soon as I said slave you thought black people. This is a major problem!

Yes, one page of the ourstory in the chapter of the book of our life, we were slaves. Why do we let this symbolize our existence?

Let's explore, while using math as a concept.

If I give u the numbers 2-6-7-9-8-3-1-4-5 ...... How do you see them? When you take them and say 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 what in essence are you doing?

Some of you may say I am counting. Now pay close attention please. You are counting, however, if you understand the concept of math and not it's functions you would realize that in all actuality what you are doing is expressing the CONCEPT or ORDER.

Does that make sense to you?

Now, if you take the CONCEPT or woman coming from the "rib of a man"... Use the same CONCEPT of ORDER to determine the validity of this analogy.

First, men have an extra rib. If I do the math or conceptualize this the only thing that makes sense to me is that I as a woman can function without that extra rib. It makes me different then he. If he gave it to me then in essence he should be one short, therefore, my functions are different then he.

Now, taking math a lilltle further.... if you stated you were counting, ask yourself this how do you count zero?

Fact, you don't. It is a concept. The concept of the unseen. The circle the symbolizes "zero" is no more then a symbol of the unseen. A CONCEPT TO UNDERSTAND WITH YOUR MIND.

Then you have the number 1. Look at it, it's all alone.

So really what counts, is starting at two. When the concept of zero, realizes the one is there now we have something tangible.

What are your concepts?
Original quote: Miss Lady
Then you have the number 1. Look at it, it's all alone.

Lets say you rather than the number 1 used the number 2 and look at it, it woudn't be considered all alone?

This is the query of one who can only spell m-a-t-h!

but let's say this.... if I can understand the concept of 1 or alone... because much of the time I manifest "lonliness" or I feel like I am Miss-understood... then I have just made 1 a "real" concrete number.....
I understand the concept of being bymyeself... because as the song goes "I'd rather be alone then unhappy".....

and as the other song goes.. "when a woman's fed up"....

I feel like we black men and black women on the "whole" don't understand one another... so that's how my one separates into two... but not two being one... two with individuality...... I'm looking for the "5"...

the feminine two... the even... and the masculing 3 the odd... which takes the individuality and makes "good and evil" best friendes.. because one would not be perceived of without the other........ and unfortunately, right now "aloneness" has become something that I do understand.

and the completion of the five on the positive is the concept of marriage..... balance and harmony between a pair of twin souls....not the contract piece of paper that requires duties and demands...... a natural balance where each element of the one understands their function....

taking it further I use English the same way.... nouns and verbs makes sentences...

a noun even when it is a proper one can not function without the action of the verb... in order to understand the concept of the sentence... the noun must just be... and the verb has to do the action... the two work in conjunction to create one concept.....

and really applying it i could say this.... i don't understand pedophiles... i don't!!! I know what one "is" perhaps... but that is "alien" to my mind... no where in my mind can I rationalize that concept!!! that's someone else's fantasy... i am not one with that..

it boils down to understanding what understanding is... it's not what someone makes u memorize ... it's what u can perceive in ur own mind.......

and the point being that we are in the condition we are in because we try to understand things that we were never meant to.... and once we all get back to "understanding" each other.... then that "action" which is Intelligent action (God I learn'd that from the Cheif!)....

so when ya'll b like she outside her mind.... sho u right... cause to be inside of it is to embrace a brand new mind that causes me not to be "one" with all my people......

and another shout out to the Cheif because the title the math of his rib... i conceived that title because i read the Cheif's article.. "Religion Serve to Weaken"..... real talk....

p.s. ........ this is just what i was thinking about ....... preciate the response...


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